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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Vac Seal & Save?

This is a unique food storage system that removes air from specially designed bags to keep your food fresher for longer.

How long should I leave the bag to sit once sealed before unlocking the chamber?

It is recommended to leave the vacuum seal bag for 15 seconds after the seal is completed. This is to allow the electrical heating bar is cool enough to make the use of the machine secure and the process more effective.

How can you clean the Vac Seal and Save?

Do not immerse the product directly in any liquid for cleaning and refrain from using a scrub as this can damage the surface. Wipe the fuselage with a sponge or damp cloth and wipe down with a paper towel. Make sure that the body is completely dry inside and outside before use.

How much produce can I put in the bag before sealing?

The vacuum bag should not be overloaded, and the mouth of the bag must have sufficient length to fit in the vacuum.

How do I store the produce after sealing?

Fresh food that’s been sealed needs to be safely stored in the freezer or refrigerator. Whereas dried food such as nuts, pasta and chips can be stored in the cupboard.

My produce keeps piercing through my bag. What can I do to prevent this?

When you pack items with sharp edges (such as dry Italian noodles, silverware, etc.), use soft buffer materials such as paper towels to wrap the items to prevent the vacuum seal bag from being pierced.

Can I reuse the Vac Seal bag?

For your health, do not reuse the vacuum bags that store raw meat, raw fish, or greasy foods. Do not use the vacuum bag that has been heated or cooked in the microwave oven. Otherwise, you are welcome to reseal dry foods.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Vac and Seal?

Dimensions: 37.3cm x 7.7cm x 5.6cm

Weight: 0.97kg

Warranty and Guarantee?

Guarantee: 60 Days

Warranty: 12 Months