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Make food preparation easier, faster and more enjoyable with premium kitchenware from Kleva Range. From professional kitchen knives to sturdy cookware, our product range includes everything you need, from getting your ingredients ready to serving meals.

It all started with the Kleva Sharp™ Knife Sharpener, which was successfully launched in 2009. Since then, our team of innovators has been developing best-selling kitchen and household products that will delight you. Our other well-loved products include the Kleva Sumo Slicer® and the KlevaCut® Master Series.

We believe that there truly is no place like home, which is why we continue to develop innovative kitchenware that makes your daily responsibilities feel less like chores and more like enjoyable tasks. They simplify household duties and improve quality of life.

Browse our selection of kitchen bestsellers and discover why customers keep coming back to us for all other kitchenware needs.

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At Kleva Range, we want you to focus on doing what you love and exploring your interests. Our team removes the nuisance of cooking and food preparation so you can move freely and effortlessly in the kitchen. From the moment we come up with an idea to the testing period to the product launch, we make sure everything we develop is innovative and purposeful, allowing you to live a better, simpler life.

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What is a kitchenware product?

Kitchenware refers to any appliances, cookware, dishes, tools and utensils used for preparing meals and serving food. It also includes products used to hold and store food before and after meal preparation. It’s important to have at least all the basic kitchenware products in your kitchen so you can be ready to bake or cook any dish. 

What are some of the most common items in a well-stocked kitchen?

Apart from the kitchen appliances and your weekly groceries, the most common items you should have in your kitchen include cutting utensils, cutting boards, knife sharpeners, non-sharp utensils and cookware.

You need cutting utensils — ranging from bread knives to serrated knives to the chef’s knife — and sturdy cutting boards so you can cut up different ingredients in various ways. Of course, having a knife sharpener prevents your kitchen knives from going dull.

Meanwhile, non-sharp utensils — such as kitchen mallets, whisks, peelers and a garlic press — and cookware like stock pots and saucepans ensure smooth meal preparation.

What range of kitchen & cooking products does Kleva Range stock?

At Kleva Range, we are constantly expanding our range of products to improve everyday living. Our kitchenware collection includes professional kitchen knives, knife blocks and sharpeners, kitchen appliances, premium cookware and other tools and utensils.

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Why should I buy my kitchen & cooking products from Kleva Range?

Kleva Range prides itself on designing kitchenware that makes everyday living easier. These products make meal preparation easier and are designed to last for years. Money-back guarantee for all products. Shop using our “buy now, pay later” program with Afterpay/Zip.

What is the quality of Kleva Range’s kitchen & cooking products?

When we say that our kitchen shop offers premium kitchenware, we mean it. Our products are centred on meticulous design, ease of use and optimal comfortability. They’re designed so you don’t have to think twice about what each tool or utensil does, and they’ll last a long time with proper care and maintenance.