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There’s no place like home. Here at Kleva Range, we embody this belief by creating innovative homeware products that make everyday living as simple and easy as can be.

Explore everyday innovations with Kleva Range

Here at Kleva Range, we operate under the principle that there’s no place quite like home. That’s why we create household products that simplify everyday living and prevent chores from feeling dreadful. Our extensive product range helps you keep the house together in an easy and efficient way, so you can have more time for what you love!

From conception to product creation, our innovative solutions are centred on the purpose of making everyday life and household responsibilities more manageable for you. Check out how our everyday innovations can help you!

Kitchen + cooking

Cooking and baking can be therapeutic to some people — however, meal preparation and clean up are not quite the most enjoyable activities. For this reason, we provide a range of kitchen and cooking products that make prep and clean-up duties easier for you.

Cleaning + home

House cleaning and maintenance should not have to feel like a chore — not with the help of Kleva products. Our cleaning tools and appliances make everyday cleaning, laundry and ironing duties faster and more manageable. We also help beautify your home with premium bedding and space-saving storage solutions.

Fitness and wellness

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your at-home fitness routine or seeking wellness and relaxation through aromatherapy, you’ll find the products you need in our fitness and wellness section. These Kleva products are designed to elevate your quality of life.

Garden and outdoor

Our gardening tools and outdoor living products simplify your chores and ensure that you enjoy your time in nature. We also feature car and travel accessories under this section, so you’re prepared for any outdoor or road adventure.

Choose Kleva Range for homeware, gardening and cleaning

Kleva Range prides itself in the design of our products — each one ensures the best comfort, and you get a money-back guarantee for anything that fails to meet your standards. Simply contact our local centre for premium support, and we’ll arrange it for you.

Moreover, you can shop online with peace of mind because we offer secure payment options. You may also opt for a buy now, pay later arrangement with Afterpay or Zip.

Explore our product range and shop now! Contact us for enquiries!


What range of products does Kleva Range stock?

Kleva Range is committed to improving your life through everyday innovations, which is why we are constantly developing our kitchen knives and kitchenware, home cleaning products, at-home fitness and wellness products and garden and outdoor tools.

Check out our new arrivals for the latest Kleva Range products to make life better, simpler and happier. Shop now and bring the magic of these products to life!

What guarantees or warranties does Kleva Range provide for your products?

Our dynamic and creative team is committed to expanding our selection of Kleva Range products to simplify your everyday living. If you aren’t satisfied with your order, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee on all Kleva products.

If I have issues with a product, how can I contact Kleva Range?

If you have concerns or enquiries regarding our products, or if you have concerns regarding your order, you may speak to one of our friendly staff members by calling +61 2 9387 4100.

You may also fill out our online contact form for enquiries. Rest assured that one of our help centre staff will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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