Safety Slicer Hints & Tips

How to use the Safety Slicer

  1. Open the legs and push down on the suction caps to lock the legs into place.
  2. To unlock the handle, gently twist it clock-wise until it has released fully.
  3. Pull up the locking button to remove the blade cover
  4. Pull the tab up to attach the feeder to the front of the unit, to lock into place
  5. Place your fruit or vegetable into the feeder
  6. Push the handle all the way down when slicing your desired food product
  7. Tip: apply pressure when slicing. This will ensure even cuts.

    How to Place the Safety Slicer Tray

    1. Pull out the legs completely until you hear a click 
    2. Place the catching tray in between the legs, so it sits securely in the unit
    3. Tip: if the tray is not fully extended, the tray will not sit properly

      How to use the Safety Slicer Dial

      1. Turn the dial clockwise to make thicker cut 
      2. Turn the dial anti clockwise for thinner cuts

        How to use the Safety Slicer Blades

        1. Slide each blade slicer dial to the left to expose each row of teeth
        2. Place both switches to the right for slicing
        3. Move one switch to the left and you can make julienne cuts 
        4. For dicing, pre-slice your fruit or vegetable with a knife, and adjust both blade dials to the right. place your pre-sliced fruit or vegetable into the feeder so that the cut lines are positioned horizontally and dice away!

          How to use the Safety Slicer Cleaning Tool

          1. Lift the lid of the handle
          2. Pull out the cleaning tool 
          3. Use the cleaning tool to remove any stuck bits of food
          4. Place the cleaning tool back into its holder and close the lid

            How to Wash the Safety Slicer

            1. Push the handle down all the way, and turn it anti-clockwise to lock securely
            2. Fold the legs back in, so that the body of the Safety Slicer is flat
            3. Move one switch to the left and you can make julienne cuts 
            4. Ensure the Safety Slicer is closed, and rinse under warm water. 
            5. Once it is rinsed, leave it to dry. 

              Unfold your Slicer by pulling the legs outwards so it can stand on its own. Be sure that the legs lock into place.


              Using the front clip, attach the safety guard to the front of the slicer


              Adjust the knob and the sliders on the back of your slicer to choose between Slices and Chip Cut styles.


              Adjust the Dial on the back of your slicer to choose the thickness of your slices or cuts.


              Place food into the slicer and start to push down on the top handle to begin slicing. Always use the Safety cap when pushing food further down the guard.


              The Kleva Safety Slicer XL™ can be cleaned using the cleaning tool whist running under warm water. Then simply fold the slicer away ready to use again.

              *when setting up your safety slicer xl™️ make sure the legs are fully extended as wide as they can go and are locked into place, otherwise the food tray will not fit properly and may come into contact with the slicer when in use.


              To find the cleaning tool simply pop open the black cap located at the top of your Kleva Safety Slicer XL Handle.

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