QuickTime Gourmet Grill Hints & Tips

Setting up the Gourmet Grill™

Using the Intuitive Touch Pad to cook

Adjusting the height of the Gourmet Gril™

Adjusting the angle of the top plate

How to clean the Gourmet Grill™

Where to find the temperature probe

How to use the temperature probe when cooking

How the Gourmet Grill™ cooks food to perfection

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Gourmet Grill™ smoking on the first use?

This is caused by heating the components of the appliance. There is no need for concern. To avoid any influence on the taste of your food, you should let the appliance operate approx. 10 Minutes on maximum temperature (240°C/460°F) without any food on it. 

How do I prepare my Gourmet Grill™ for first use?

Drizzle some oil on a clean dry kitchen towel and wipe this on the grilling surfaces of the appliance to prepare the non-stick coatings for use.

How do I lock the lid to the base?

You can lock the lid of the Gourmet Grill™ to the base by sliding the height control clip located on the side of the upper cover to the LOCK position. When set to LOCK the lid will not open. 

What lid positions can I cook with? 

CLOSEDAfter placing your food onto the base of the grilling surface fold the lid down carefully onto your food and if required adjust the lid via the height control feature on the top right side of the hot plate.

OPENAfter the grill has heated up, by the handle of the top lid carefully fold the lid up until it remains in a stable upper position. Then place your food onto the grilling surface of the base and leave the lid in its upright position while cooking.

FLATIn the flat position, the lid is folded back completely in a 180 degree angle lying level to the base offering a second grilling surface. 

What temperature does the Gourmet Grill™ get to?

The Gourmet Grill™ has a temperature rage of 80ºC - 240ºC.

How do I use the temperature probe?

Pull out the probe via the compartment on the left of the control panel. Immediately after selecting the core temperature control via the probe button, you may set the desired core temperature. When the set core temperature is reached, an acoustic signal is given.

Does the Gourmet Grill™ turn off automatically?

Yes, after 60 minutes of operation without any input via the touchscreen. 

How do I clean the Gourmet Grill™?

Ensure the appliance is unplugged and cooled down before cleaning.  Do not use abrasive cleansers or metal scouring pads on any of the interior or exterior surfaces of the grill. For full instructions on how to clean the Gourmet Grill™, see the instruction manual below. 

How do I know when the timer is finished and my meal is ready?

Your Gourmet Grill™ will let you know your meal is ready when the timer runs out and a signal sounds. 

Click Here For Full Instruction Manual

We want to hear what tasty meals you've been making!

We want to hear what tasty meals you've been making!

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