QuickTime Flavour Grill Hints & Tips

How to control the temperature of your QuickTime Flavour Grill®

  1. The QuickTime Flavour Grill® doesn't have a heat setting. 
  2. Control top and bottom heat separately with the two heat controlled buttons. 

*Tip: For extra crispiness on the top of your dish, turn off the bottom element and leave the top to cook. 

    How to use the Built-In Timer Dial

    1. The timer dial does not control the heat, only the cooking time.
    2. Turn the timer clockwise to set the length of time you want to cook for. 
    3. When the time is up, your QuickTime Flavour Grill® will "ding" to let you know your meal is ready and it automatically turns off of the heat. 

      How to clean your QuickTime Flavour Grill®

      1. Remove the Deep Dish from your QuickTime Flavour Grill®, and place straight in the dishwasher.
      2. To clean the grill, simply wipe with a wet cloth and mild detergent to remove all food and residue.

      *WARNING: Do not use abrasive cleaning detergents or brushes on the QuickTime as they will damage the non-stick coating.

        Our favourite meals to cook in the Closed Lid Position

        You can make a whole range of dishes with the QuickTime Flavour Grill® in the closed position. Try making a cobbler, chicken pot pie, omelette, pork chops and more! Watch for more inspiration on tasty dishes to create!

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Why is my QuickTime smoking on the first use?

          A protective coating of oil is used in the manufacturing process which may cause your QuickTime to smoke on the first use. Don’t worry, this is normal.

          Why does the hinge move when opening the QuickTime into a butterfly position?

          The hinge is flexible to allow for wide range of motion and prevent damage when opening and closing your QuickTime.

          How do I close the lid after I've finished using my QuickTime in the 90° angle?

          Lift the upper plate straight up until the triangle hinge is fully lifted, then you will be able to close the QuickTime Lid.

          How to control the temperature of my QuickTime?

          The QuickTime has an automatic temperature control, however you turn the top and bottom plates on and off using the control switches.

          What temperature does the QuickTime get to?

          The QuickTime Grill heats up to 200°C.

          Do I need to use oil when cooking in the QuickTime?

          For best results, we recommend using a small amount of oil when cooking.

          How long does it take for the Quicktime to pre-heat?

          It takes between 6-10mins for your QuickTime to fully pre-heat.

          How do I know when the QuickTime is ready to start cooking?

          Once your QuickTime has finished pre-heating the indicator light will turn green.

          How do I know when the timer is finished and my meal is ready?

          Your QuickTime will ding to let you know when it's finished cooking and will automatically turn off the heat.

          Once finished cooking, will the QuickTime keep my food warm?

          Yes, the QuickTime will stay warm for 30 mins after it has finished cooking.

          Click Here For Full Instruction Manual

          Tips for opening your QuickTime Flavour Grill® into the Butterfly Position

          Step 1:

          Place your grill on a flat surface in the closed position

          Step 2:

          Rotate the upper plate from a closed position into a vertical upright position.

          Step 3:

          Lift the upper plate straight up until the triangle mechanism is fully lifted.

          Step 4:

          Rotate the upper plate down into the open butterfly position.

          Step 5:

          Your Quicktime Flavour Grill™ is now ready to cook in the open 180º butterfly position.

          Click Here For Full Recipe Book

          We want to hear what tasty meals you've been making!

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