Quickpress PowerStation

How to set up the Quickpress Power Station™

How to know if its heating up?

How to activate the steam when ironing?

How to use the safety carry handle?

How the auto safety shut off function works?

Helpful FAQs to Get the Most out of your Quickpress Power Station™

What is the warranty?

There is a 12 Month Warranty on the Quickpress Powerstation™

How long does it take to heat up?

The iron takes only 60 seconds to heat up for the first time. Plug the cord into the power outlet, turn the temperature dial OFF minimum and wait for the red light to turn off.

What is the soleplate made of?

The Quickpress Power Station™ is made with stainless Steel, with a non-stick ceramaglide coating.

What temperature can the Quickpress Power Station™ reach?


How do I clean the Quickpress Power Station™?

The anti-calc resin filter will do the internal cleaning for the iron for you. To clean the exterior of the steam station, use a damp wet cloth.

How do I replace the filter?

The anti-calc resin filter is easily located inside the water tank, to access remove the water tank and lift up the filter.

Can I buy replacement filters?

Yes, replacement filters are available to purchase on Kleva Range

How often should I change the filter and clean the Quickpress Power Station™?

The filter should be replaced with a new filter every 2-3 months if used often (once every 1-2 days).

What water can be used in the Quickpress Power Station™?

Regular water from the tap is fine to use in your Quickpress Power Station™.

Do I always have to iron with steam?

No, in addition to the continuous steam function you can choose to use dry ironing by not pressing the steam trigger button underneath the handle

Does the Quickpress Power Station™ have an Auto-Shut off?

Yes, after 20 minutes, if the steam trigger button has not been pressed the Power Station™ will completely turn off. Please note to turn back on you need to start the set up process again beginning from plugging the power cord into the outlet and turning the temperature dial and waiting for the iron to heat up.

How long is the power cord?

1.8 metres 

How long is the connector hose between the steam station and the ironing head?

1.7 metres

How heavy is it?

The total weight for Quickpress Power Station™ is 3.2kg. The total weight for the Ironing head for the Quickpress Power Station is 1.4kg.

How much water can the tank handle?


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