Quickpress Ironlite

Setting up your Quickpress Ironlite™

Setting Up the Ironlite™

  1. Ensure all packaging has been removed from the iron.
  2. Ensure the plug is attached to the wall and switched on.
  3. Flip the cap at the front to fill up the water. Keep the steam switch set to "dry ironing" when filling up.
  4. Place the iron into the base and lock. Ensure the dial is turned off minimum.
  5. The red light indicates that the iron is heating up.

    Setting up Corded and Cordless Mode

    1. You can use your Ironlite™ in corded or cordless mode.
    2. To use the iron in cordless mode, keep the iron attached to the iron, with the switch in the lock position. 
    3. To use the iron in cordless mode, unlock the switch and lift the iron out of the dock, then proceed ironing. 

      Using Corded and Cordless mode

      1. The switch to lock or unlock the iron from the base is located on the docking station. 
      2. When the iron is in corded mode, you don't have to recharge it. 
      3. To use the iron in cordless mode, flick the switch to the unlock symbol. Quick tip: you can use cordless mode for curtains, sheets, hanging clothes or pillows! 

        What to do if the Light is not Switching On

        1. If the red light is not turning on, this could indicate that the iron is not sitting on the base station correctly. 
        2. Align the three holes on the base station with the three prongs on the iron. 
        3. When the iron is fully heated, the red light will switch off indicating that it is ready to be used. 

          Steam and Water Spray Functions

          1. The buttons on the handle control the steam and the water function. 
          2. Adjust the dial to high steam or no steam, depending on your preference. 

            Cleaning the Quickpress Ironlite™

            1. The self-cleaning button is located to the top left of the temperature dial.
            2. Fill the water tank to the maximum level
            3. Plug in the iron, turn the temperature dial to maximum and flick the steam switch to the highest level. 
            4. Wait for the red light to turn off, unplug the iron and hold it over the sink horizontally. Hold the self cleaning button until all of the steam has come out of the iron.

              Recharging the Iron

              1. You have up to 2 minutes of power using cordless mode, if you are not using steam.
              2. You have up to 45 seconds of steam power in cordless mode when you use the steam button. 
              3. To recharge the iron, place it back on the dock and wait 15 seconds to reuse it again. 
              4. Once the iron has recharged, lift it out of the docking station, and you can use it again. 

                Helpful FAQs to Get the Most out of your Quickpress Ironlite™

                How long does it take to heat up before first use?

                It takes 35 seconds to heat up for the first time once plugged in, the dial is turned OFF Minimum and the iron is on the docking base.

                How long does it take to fully charge the iron?

                • 35 seconds for the first charge after being plugged in, from cold status.
                • 15 seconds approximately to fully recharge from completely empty charge to full charge (when the light goes off).
                • Between ironing garments and then putting the iron back onto the charging station, this time is usually not long enough for the iron to fully be empty of charge so the recharge time on the base is sometimes less then 15 seconds. 

                How long can it be used in cordless mode?

                • 2 minutes with no steam
                • 45 seconds when using steam

                Why is the light on?

                The light will always be red when the iron is heating up, either when you first turn it on or between charging when using in cordless mode. Sometimes the light will come on when in corded mode, this is due to the temperature regulation of the iron.

                How do I turn the iron on?

                After you plug in the iron, turn the temperature dial OFF minimum to start heating the iron. If the light does not come on, it could be because the iron and docking base are not correctly connected. If this occurs, please unlock the iron from the docking base, lift up the iron and then replace onto the docking base firmly and adjust the irons position on the docking base until the light appears. 

                What material can be used with the ironlite?

                Synthetic, Silk, Wool, Cotton and Linen can all be used with the ironlite!

                Why does my iron keep turning off when I leave it for a short time period?

                Our Ironlite has a safety feature which will automatically activate if the iron has been left for approximately 30 seconds in the horizontal position. This will also activate if the iron has been left for approximately 8 minutes in the upright position.

                Download the Full Instruction Manual Here