Pressure washer Hints and Tips


How long is the power cable of the pressure washer?

The power cable is 5 meters long.

How big is the unit and how do I store it?

The Pressure Washer is 39cm x 24.1cm x 25.5 cm in size, making it super easy to store in those small compact areas. The unit is also designed to have specific compartments that can hold all the extra attachments that come with the unit, keeping you worry free about any misplacement.  

Can I only use cold water, or can hot water be used?

The Pressure Washer can only be used with cold to room temperature water. Please do not use hot water as this can cause damage to this unit and become a safety risk to yourself.

What is the weight of the pressure washer?

The 1400W Pressure Washer weights 6.1kg and the 1600W weighs 6.3KG, making them both light and easy to manoeuvre around.

Does the Pressure washer need power to function?

The Pressure washer does need to be plugged into a wall/ power socket to function.

What type of hose does the Pressure Washer require?

The Pressure Washer works with any regular Garden Hose, so don’t spend time on looking for a specific Garden Hose.

What surfaces can the Pressure Washer be used on and what are some examples?

The Pressure Washer can be used on a range of different surfaces including hardwood decking, tiles, brick, stone, & stainless Steel. See below for a layout of all the different surfaces people are using their KRAPOF® on.

What is the effective working pressure of the Pressure Washer?

The Max Pressure 11MPa is the starting pressure when the Pressure Washer trigger is pulled. Immediately after, the pressure settles down to the rated pressure, which is 7.5MPa.

Do I need a tap to connect the garden hose to the Pressure Washer?

No, you do not need a tap to connect the Garden Hose to the Pressure Washer. Please note that you can use a large, empty bucket or container and fill that with clean water. Once the bucket/container is full of water, place one end of the garden hose in the bucket, and the other end will need to connect to the Pressure Washer unit. (Note: Do not put a bucket of water near any electrics)

Can the pressure washer be used on sand stone?

It is safe to use a pressure washer on sandstone surfaces without causing any damage, making it a suitable cleaning option for this type of material.

How do you attach the detergent bottle?

There was an error on Page 7 of the manual showing an incorrect method for attaching the detergent bottle. Please see the image below for the correct updated method.

What is the PSI of the Pressure Washer?

The 1400W has a max of 1595 PSI and the 1600W has a max of 1885 PSI.

Can the pressure of the water be varied?

The water remains at a constant and the pressure cannot be controlled. 

How do I clean and take care of the Pressure Washer?

Please use the needle cleaning tool provided to remove any dirt or blockages in the spray wand, adjustable nozzle, trigger gun, hose connector, and outlet connector. Also remember to avoid leaving the pressure washer out in prolonged sunlight as this could lead to overheating. 

What Surfaces You Can Use The KRAPOF® On?


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