How to use the Kleva Precision Pruners™

  • Squeeze the handles together like you would with a pair of scissors. The ratchet system will kick in, cutting further into the branch with each squeeze.  
  • Keep doing this movement until it cuts right through.  

How Often Should I Oil my Pruners?

  • Oiling your pruners prevents rust and keeps them lubricated, so the more often the better. 
  • We recommend rinsing and oiling twice a year, to prevent build up of dirt and sap.

How to Use the Ratchet System

  • To activate the ratchet, squeeze and release, squeeze and release.  
  • If you keep squeezing, the ratchet wont kick in, making it harder for you to cut. 
  • You'll know it's working when the small lever jumps up a notch every time you release.  

How to use the Safety Latch

  • Slide the latch up towards the Kleva logo to unlock the latch and release the blades.
  • Slide it back down to lock the blades back into the closed position. 

How to use the Sharpening Tool

  • Slide the 6 in 1 sharpener along the top of any blade in a repeated gentle downwards motion. 
  • DON'T slide it back up in the opposite direction!
  • Use the sharpener whenever you feel the blade become blunt on your pruners, knives, scissors and more. 

How Much Strength is Needed to use Them?

  • Thanks to the ratchet system, these pruners require less strength than regular pruners to cut through branches. 
  • Repeating the same squeezing motion will make the ratchet system do the hard work, so you won't be overworking or straining your wrist or hands. 

Positioning Your Pruners

  • For small branches, you can use the tip to cut. 
  • For thicker branches, use the Pruners V shape. 
  • If you feel branches are getting stuck, ensure the branch is situated right into the V shape to enable the ratchet mechanism. 


Size 205mm
Cutting Capacity20mm
Material Blades: High Carbon Steel with non-stick coating
Handle: Plastic handle with non-slip and soft TPR grips