Precision Pruners

How to use the Kleva Precision Pruners™

  1. Squeeze the handles together like you would with a pair of scissors. The ratchet system will kick in, cutting further into the branch with each squeeze.  
  2. Keep doing this movement until it cuts right through.  

    How Often Should I Oil my Pruners?

    1. Oiling your pruners prevents rust and keeps them lubricated, so the more often the better. 
    2. We recommend rinsing and oiling twice a year, to prevent build up of dirt and sap.

      How to Use the Ratchet System

      1. To activate the ratchet, squeeze and release, squeeze and release.  
      2. If you keep squeezing, the ratchet wont kick in, making it harder for you to cut. 
      3. You'll know it's working when the small lever jumps up a notch every time you release.  

        How to use the Safety Latch

        1. Slide the latch up towards the Kleva logo to unlock the latch and release the blades.
        2. Slide it back down to lock the blades back into the closed position. 

          How to use the Sharpening Tool

          1. Slide the 6 in 1 sharpener along the top of any blade in a repeated gentle downwards motion. 
          2. DON'T slide it back up in the opposite direction!
          3. Use the sharpener whenever you feel the blade become blunt on your pruners, knives, scissors and more. 

            How Much Strength is Needed to use Them?

            1. Thanks to the ratchet system, these pruners require less strength than regular pruners to cut through branches. 
            2. Repeating the same squeezing motion will make the ratchet system do the hard work, so you won't be overworking or straining your wrist or hands. 

              Positioning Your Pruners

              1. For small branches, you can use the tip to cut. 
              2. For thicker branches, use the Pruners V shape. 
              3. If you feel branches are getting stuck, ensure the branch is situated right into the V shape to enable the ratchet mechanism.