Mealio Blender Hints & Tips

How to assemble your Mealio™ Blender?

How to use the Screen?

My Mealio™ is displaying an error, what does this mean?

How to make Soy Milk?

How to use the Paste Function?

How to use the Pulse Setting?

When to use Soup Function?

When to use Thick Soup Function?

How to use the Pre-set Function?

How to use the DIY function?

How to use the Auto Clean Function?

Can I put meat in my Mealio™?

Further FAQ's

Can I Make Baby Puree in my Mealio?

Yes, The Thick Soup Function is Recommended for Baby Puree however, I Would Suggest Stopping the Cycle Earlier than the Automatic 30 Minutes Pre-Set.

Does my Mealio Come with a Recipe Book?

There are a variety of tasty recipes included with your Mealio, which you can find below!

Download the Full Instruction Manual Here

Click Here For Full Recipe Book