KRAPOF® Tough Scrub Excel Help Page


How long does the Tough Scrub take to charge and how long does the battery last?

The Tough Scrub XL takes approximately 2-3 hours to completely charge, it can be used continuously for about 90 minutes after being fully charged.

How many attachments heads are included and what are their purposes?

There are 7 attachment heads in total, including a sponge brush, a cloth brush, a fibre brush, a large brush, an imitation wool brush, a tip brush and a small brush. The different attachment heads are used to deep clean surfaces, get into corners and crevices, then to polish and shine surfaces.

How do I connect and extend the pole correctly?

First screw the extension pole into the telescopic rod. Next you will screw the main body to the extension pole. Once the main body is attached
you can either use the pole as is, or you have an option to extend the pole. To extend the pole you will need to twist the locking mechanism to the right (towards the “on” symbol) then you pull up to extend. To lock the extension pole in place turn the lock back to the left.

How many speeds are available and what are the speed options?

There are 2 speed options, 1st speed: 400r/min, 2nd speed: 300r/min.

Where is this product mainly used for?

This product is mainly used for bathroom sinks, baths, showers and floors, kitchen, living room, furniture and cars.

How do I replace the brush head?

When replacing the brush head, the product should be closed and the fingers should be away from the switch key. Hold the brush head and pull
it out vertically. When pulling the brush head, you can gently swing the brush head while pulling, so it is easier to pull out.

How do I clean the attachment heads?

When cleaning the brush attachment heads, do not use water hotter than 60 degrees to clean the brush and head attachment. Be gentle when cleaning the brush heads to ensure longevity and do not use harsh chemicals to clean.

How much does the Tough Scrub XL weigh?

The Tough Scrub XL weighs 544 grams.

What are the dimensions of the Tough Scrub XL?

The dimensions of the Tough Scrub
XL is 134.87 x 10.16 x 10.16 cm.

What is the power/wattage of the Tough Scrub XL?

The wattage of the Tough Scrub XL is 25 watts.

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