Kleva Seal™

What is Kleva Seal used for?

Help seal opened packages to keep food fresh etc.

    How it works?

    1. Place 2x AA Alkaline batteries inside the battery compartment.
    2. Squeeze Kleva Seal together for 3 seconds to preheat before starting the seal.
    3. Once the Kleva Seal has preheated, slowly slide the Kleva Seal along the length of thepackaging, while squeezing both sides together.
    4. Slowly slide the Kleva along the rest of the packaging to complete the seal. 

      The Freezer bag demo

      1. The seal provides both air and water-tight sealing which perfectly maintains food freshness. 
      2. The magnet on the inferior side allows the Kleva seal to attach to all metallic surface such as the fridge for convenience.

        The Safety Latch

        Remember to use the safety latch after use to prevent burns. 

          Download the Full Instruction Manual Here

          Warning: Do not touch the heating pad (be sure to lock the safety cover when not in use). Do not put Kleva Seal in the dishwasher. Store in a dry place.