Cube Cutter Hints & Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Cube Cutter be placed in the dishwasher?

All parts of the Cube Cutter can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Can cheese be used in the Cube Cutter?

Yes, cheese is suitable to be used in the Cube Cutter. Depending on what sort of dish you are creating the attachments that can be used for cheese include the Thick Cube Cutter, Thin Cube Cutter, Coarse Grater, Fine Grater, Julienne Slicer and Thin Slicer. The wide selection of attachments that cheese is suitable for is great for creating salads, cheese platters, kids lunchbox snack, pizza, pasta, sandwiches and so much more.

How does the cube cutter grip to the bench safely? Do you need to hold it with the other hand?

The Food Catcher Container of the Cube Cutter has been designed with a rubber non-skid base to ensure that it is secure whilst the food is being prepared. The Soft grip handles of the Dicing / Chopping Lid are non-slip which helps provide a smooth chopping/ dicing experience.

How much is the capacity of the cube cutter

1.2L. It is the perfect container size for holding a large amount of chopped, diced and julienned food produce such as vegetables, cheese, biscuits and more.

What each attachment is recommended for?

  • Thick Blade: Ideal for creating perfectly cubed vegetables.
  • Thin Blade: Recommended for dicing vegetables or fruits.
  • Thin Slicer: Designed for slicing potatoes or fruits.
  • Julienne Slice: Perfect for creating julienne-cut carrots or zucchini.
  • Coarse Grater: Recommended for grating cheese or cabbage.
  • Fine Grate: Suitable for grating garlic or chocolate.

Material of the attachments? Is it stainless steel

The 6 interchangeable blades have been designed with stainless-steel and the outer cover is made of ABS.

Does the food item need to be cut in half before use?

When using the Thick Cube Cutter and Thin Cube Cutter attachment you may need to cut the food item in half for the food produce to fit the cube cutting attachment. For the slicing mechanism in most circumstances the food item can be sliced, julienned, and grated as whole.

Can you sharpen the slicer?

You are unable to sharpen any of the attachments provided with the Cube Cutter, although replacement parts will be available for future purchase.

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