Flavour Fork Hints & Tips

Introduction To The Flavour Fork

  1. Insert x2 AAA batteries then close the battery compartment (you'll hear a click)
  2. Push the probe into the front of the handle so that the Kleva logo is at the front. You'll hear a click once its properly attached.
  3. To remove the probe press the release button located on the back of the flavour fork, and then pull the probe off. 
  4.  ionserting the fork into your meat make sure to push it into the thickest part of the meat.
  5. Rinse the prongs thoroughly under water and light washing detergent to clean.

    How To Select Type of Meat and Taste

    1. To set your meat type, select meat button repeatedly until the required type of meat is shown on the screen.
    2. To set your taste preference, press the taste button repeatedly until you see the degrees of cooking highlighted on the screen (eg. well done, medium, medium rare, etc)
    3. To turn on the LED light, press the round light button at the bottom of the device.
    4. To change °F to °C and visa versa, press the mode and meat button together until you hear 2 acousta signal sounds
    5. To check the temperature hold the prongs at least 1.3 cm deep into the thickest part of the meat and wait 15-20 seconds. (When the meat is at your desired temperature the alarm will sound and the screen will start flashing)

      How To Set The Timer

      1. To switch on device press the 'mode' button located at the very top of the flavour fork.
      2. To select the different modes keep pressing until your desired one is highlighted. Timer is written as TMR (you can choose Timer, Meat Selection, and Temperature.) 
      3.  To set the timer, press 'MODE' until TMR is on the screen, and then hold the 'MODE' button until the numbers under the minute sections (M) starts to flash. 
      4. Press the 'TASTE' button to set the minutes counting upwards and the 'MEAT' button to set the minutes counting downwards. Holding the buttons allows you to select numbers faster. (Select from 1 minute to 60 minutes)
      5. Press 'MODE' to store setting and press 'TASTE' to start timer.
      6. To pause, press 'TASTE' and press it again to continue the timer.

        How To Set Custom Temperature

        1. To set your temperature, first select the required type of meat, then press 'MODE' button repeatedly until the 'TEMP' button is shown on the screen. Then press and hold the 'MODE' button until the temperature value starts to flash.
        2. To select temperature, press 'TASTE' to set a higher temperature and press 'MEAT' to lower it. Hold buttons to select temperatures faster (highest is 93°C and lowest is 60°C)
        3. To lock in temperature press 'MODE' to store settings and press 'MEAT' to show set temperature.
        4. The alarm will sound when the meat reaches the desired temperature

          Frequently Asked Questions

          What are the 7 different Meat Settings?

          The Kleva Range Flavour Fork has 7 In built meat settings which has been designed to help you get that perfect, juicy cooked meat.

          • Fish
          • Beef
          • Veal
          • Chicken
          • Pork
          • Lamb
          • Turkey

          How do I clean the Flavour Fork?

          The Flavour Fork comes with 2x removal attachments which are the plug in fork and Plug in probe attachment. This removal design allows an easy cleaning process and all you have to do is wash it in warm water and soap, then let it dry completely. Please ensure that you do not wet the main body of the Flavour Fork, if you do need to clean the unit, please just wipe clean with a cloth.

          How far into the meat do I need to insert the Flavour Fork for a temperature reading?

          Insert your chosen Plug-In attachment at least 0.5mm deep into the thickest part of the meat.

          How do I store the Flavour Fork?

          Each of the Flavour Fork attachment comes with 2x Protective Caps, so after you have washed and cleaned the attachment, ensure that you add the caps on the pointy end of the attachment covering all sharp points. Please store in a dry area.

          What Batteries do I need to use for the Flavour Fork?

          The Flavour Fork requires 2x AAA Batteries to operate.

          Can it be left unattended and is it ovenproof?

          You can leave the Flavour Fork unattended depending on your cooking method.

          The intelligent digital screen is not resistant to high temperatures and therefore you shouldn't keep the device inside an oven.

          You can leave the flavour fork unattended when using BBQ's, grills, stove tops, and other methods where only the steel prongs are exposed to the heat.

          We advise caution that you stay nearby in order to hear the audible alarm to alert when the meat has reached its desired tenderness.

          Is the Flavour Fork oven proof?

          No, only the steel prongs are oven proof. 

          Click Here For Full Instruction Manual