HINTS & TIPS • KLEVA Clean Sneaks™ 

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What motion is best to use with the buffer?

Please use a circular motion to ensure the buffing is evenly distributed throughout the shoe. There may be areas that require more attention so please feel free to add a bit of pressure to encourage the process.

How to clean leather shoes?

In a gentle circular motion use the sponge head attachment to dislodge any dirt or grime away from the body of the leather shoe. To finish it off, use the polisher attachment to restore that shine.

Is the white polish waterproof and how to use it?

Yes, the white polish is waterproof. Apply the polish to scuffs upon the surface to spruce up your sneaks.

How long is the charge time and how long does it last?

The charging time takes roughly 3 hours to fully charge, however, this can vary. When fully charged, this can be used comfortably for 4 hrs.

Does it come with a charger?

Yes! Unscrew the cover at the bottom of the handle and insert the USB charging cord. The indicator light will light up red meaning that it is charging. When fully charged, the light will turn green.

What materials can the Clean Sneak be used on?

  • Suede ✓
  • Leather ✓
  • Textile ✓
  • Foam X

How to clean the head attachments?

There are 3 head attachments: the Bristle Brush, Sponge Applicator, or Buff Polisher. Once you are done using the Clean Sneak, remove the attachment from the main unit and wash under cold running water. Massaging the foam or bristles to ensure all excess residue is rid of.

What is the Money Back Guarantee and Warranty?

This product has a 60-day Money Back Guarantee and a 12-month Warranty.

Is it meant to work in one use or several times to see a difference?

Yes, the Kleva® Clean Sneaks can clean your shoe in one use. Depending on how dirty the shoe is you may have to clean a shoe that has more grime for a longer period and add more of the Foam Shampoo Formula to the surface of the shoe to restore that fresh shoe look.

Can you clean your laces too?

The Kleva® Clean Sneaks is designed to clean the body of the shoe, although it can help dislodge some dirt from the lace. With no force, glide the Kleva® Clean Sneaks with the Bristle Head attachment throughout the lace.

Can you use it on soccer boots?

Yes, this can be used on soccer boots. Use the Bristle head attachment to dislodge the dirt from the surface of the boot.

How do you attach and remove the heads?

Simply grab your chosen head attachment and push the head into the body of the Kleva® Clean Sneaks. To remove the head attachment, hold the handle of the Kleva® Clean Sneaks and pull the head attachment away from the body (Hint: You may need to use a little force when pulling away).

How do you input the charger?

Unscrew the cap at the bottom of the handle and from there you will see the charging slot in which you can insert the charger to. Once in place, turn the plug on at the mains. WARNING: Do not charge for longer than 3 hours.

Best way to store the Clean Sneak?

Due to its small compact size, you can easily store the Kleva® Clean Sneaks in a small drawer or cupboard. Keep the Kleva® Clean Sneaks and cleaning formulas away from the sun or heat.