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  Setting up your Circulation Cycle™

Assembling Your Circulation Cycle™

  • Everything you need to set up Circulation Cycle™ is included in the box
  • Watch this helpful step-by-step video on How To Assemble Your Circulation Cycle
  • Alternatively, click HERE  to download the full instruction manual 

How to adjust your Circulation Cycle™ from Upright to Recumbent Positions

  • Pull the ball pin to adjust your Circulation Cycle to the upright or recumbent position. 
  • The recumbent position will give you a comfortable, seated workout. 
  • The upright position will give you a higher intensity workout. 

How to use your Circulation Cycle™

  • Now that your Circulation Cycle is ready and in your preferred position, you're ready to work out!
  • Mount the bike, slide your feet into the pedals and move your feet in a forward/downward movement. 
  • To increase the tension, turn the dial clockwise. To reduce the tension, turn the dial counter clockwise. 

 Circulation Cycle™ Full Body Workout Videos

Follow these 5 Workout Sessions to Lose Weight and Get Fit Fast!
Each session includes a guided warm up and cool down as part of the workout.  

SAFETY WARNING: Consult a doctor before starting any exercise program.
If you feel dizziness, nausea, pain or discomfort stop exercising and seek medical attention. Make sure equipment is assembled properly before use.

Workout Session 1 - 20 mins

Workout Session 2 - 17 mins

Workout Session 3 - 28 mins

Workout Session 4 - 20 mins

Workout Video 5 - 27 mins

 Helpful Hints & Tips For Getting the Most out of your Circulation Cycle™

 Download the Full Instruction Manual Here