Circulation Cycle Hints and Tips

Find out everything you need to know about the circulation cycle. Our free 'sit and get fit' guide covers the best way to use the circulation cycle, how to stay motivated, and the different ways to track your results. We also include videos to set up the exercise bike, and full body workout videos to help you start.

Setting up your Circulation Cycle™

How to adjust your Circulation Cycle™ from Upright to Recumbent Positions

How to use your Circulation Cycle™

Written Step-by-Step

Where can I find instructions to set up my Circulation Cycle™

Everything you need to set up Circulation Cycle™ is included in the box.

How to adjust your Circulation Cycle™ from Upright to Recumbent Positions

1- Pull the ball pin to adjust your Circulation Cycle to the upright or recumbent position. 

2- The recumbent position will give you a comfortable, seated workout. 

3- The upright position will give you a higher intensity workout. 

How to use your Circulation Cycle™

Clean every 2 months. To clean all you need to do is the following below:

1. Now that your Circulation Cycle is ready and in your preferred position, you're ready to work out!

2. Mount the bike, slide your feet into the pedals and move your feet in a forward/downward movement. 

3. To increase the tension, turn the dial clockwise. To reduce the tension, turn the dial counter clockwise. 

Click Here For Full Instruction Manual

Circulation Cycle™ Full Body Workout Videos

Follow these 5 Workout Sessions to Lose Weight and Get Fit Fast! Each session includes a guided warm up and cool down as part of the workout.

SAFETY WARNING: Consult a doctor before starting any exercise program. If you feel dizziness, nausea, pain or discomfort stop exercising and seek medical attention. Make sure equipment is assembled properly before use.

Workout Session 1 - 20 mins

Workout Session 2 - 17 mins

Workout Session 3 - 28 mins

Workout Session 4 - 20 mins

Workout Video 5 - 27 mins


1) How long does the Circulation Cycle take to assemble?

Average Assemble Time for able bodied customers: 25 – 45 minutes (including unpacking time)

 If you are a IKEA building wizard you can probably assemble in less than 25 minutes

If you have limited mobility and strength it is advised to have someone to assist you with the assembly

2) Do I need my own tools to assemble the bike?

No you don’t need any extra tools, everything you need to set up your Circulation Cycle™ is included in the box

3) What batteries does the monitor take?

The monitor takes 2x AAA Batteries (Included)

4) Does Circulation Cycle™ have wheels?

Yes it has 2 wheels on the base so that you can easily move your Circulation Cycle™

5) How many resistance levels does the Circulation Cycle™ have?

Circulation Cycle™ has 10 adjustable resistance levels

6) What are the set workout programs?

Time– Set the total time you want to workout for

Distance– Set the distance you want to travel during your workout

Calories– Set the number of calories you want to burn during your workout

7) How to check my heart rate?

Press the MODE button until PULSE appears, then place the palms of both your hands onto of the contact pads for a few seconds until your heart rate appears on the monitor

8) How will I know when my set workout has finished?

The Air Purifier can be used for up to 8 to 12 hours daily. It can be used until the colour coded allergen index is displayed as green, leave it for a few hours, and then check to see whether the air quality needs filtering again. 

9) What does ODO stand for?

ODO stands for odometer, similar to a car speedometer this is the lifetime distance travelled on your Circulation Cycle™
The ODO will only reset when you disconnect the monitor or change the battery

10) How long are the resistance bands?

The total length of the resistance band is 180cm, with each handle 90cm in length

This increases by a further 50% when expanded with equal strength from both arms

11) What muscles does the UPRIGHT position target?

The upright positions works all muscle groups in the body including glutes, hips and abdominals 

12) What muscles does the RECUMBENT position target?

The recumbent position provides a lower intensity workout targeting your glutes calf and leg muscles

13) Can I adjust the height of the seat?

Yes, you can adjust the height of your Circulation Cycle™ seat to the optimum position following the instructions provided in the Manual

14) Can I adjust the foot straps?

Yes, you can easily adjust the foot straps to comfortably and securely fit your shoe size

15) Can I adjust the comfort handles?

The handles and seat back cannot be adjusted as they are already positioned in the optimum safe workout position

16) How do I reset the display panel on my monitor?

To reset a particular mode, you need to select the mode you want to reset by clicking 'Mode'. This will display at the bottom of the screen, for example, 'Calories'. Once you are on the desired mode, click 'Reset', and this will revert back to 0.

17) What surfaces can the Circulation Cycle be used on?

For best performance, we recommend the Circulation Cycle is used on a hard and flat Surface.

18) What do I do if my Left Pedal will not screw onto the Crank?

Please try screwing the left pedal in the opposite direction (left), and this should screw in correctly!