Stunning 67 layer Damascus Steel Knife set FREE Postage 10 year guarantee

Stunning 67 layer Damascus Steel Knife set FREE Postage 10 year guarantee

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Incredibly Elegant 67 Layer Damascus steel Knife set.

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67 Layers of Damascus Steel

Each knife in this unique set is ingeniously crafted with 67 layers of Damascus steel, resulting in an exquisite ripple pattern finish that oozes style and quality. The razor sharp edge combined with the incredible toughness and durability makes these knives an essential part of your kitchen.

Beauty and the Blade

Each knife is made with incredible craftsmanship to produce the stunning ripple pattern running through the blade. Paired with a dark mahogany handle that really makes each knife stand out. Rarely do you find a product that looks so attractive and performs exceptionally, that’s why the Damascus knife set is the perfect choice!

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8” Chef Knife

Versatile and perfect for everyday kitchen use. Whether it be chopping, slicing or mincing, this knife will do the job excellently.

8” Slicer Knife

This knife excels when a thinner, more precise cut is required. Ideal for carving meat, fish and poultry

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5” Utility Knife

A mid-sized knife that like the chef knife, can fulfil a variety of tasks. Particularly great for simple, efficient chopping.

3.5” Paring Knife

Perfect for peeling fruit and vegetables, as well as scoring food surfaces. The small blade allows for more dexterity and also works well when slicing particularly small items.

Ancient Technology for a Modern Home

The earliest incarnations of Damascus steel first appeared in India around 300 B.C. The steel continued to develop in the Syrian city of Damascus. This ultimately led to the name ‘Damascus steel’. The exact composition of original Damascus steel is unknown today, as no records have been found describing this. Yet Damascus steel lives on and continues to thrive today, where it still remains an iconic example of culinary excellence.

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