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How to Clean Gutters

When gutters become clogged with leaves, twigs and other natural debris, they can't perform their job of channelling rainwater away from your property. If you don’t perform regular gutter cleaning, overflowing water can cause everything from unsightly water stains to serious foundation damage and roof leaks. In this guide, we’ll show you the best way to clean gutters and help you find the best gutter cleaning tools to get the job done. 

Signs that it may be time for a gutter cleaning 

Regular gutter cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance, but how can you tell when your gutters need a good clean? There are several visible signs that your gutters may be clogged and need your attention. Ignoring these signs can lead to serious damage to your home, so it's important to address them promptly.

Overflowing water 

One of the most obvious signs that your gutters need cleaning is overflowing water. When gutters are clogged, water can't flow through them as efficiently as it should. Instead, it overflows onto the sides of the gutter, often spilling onto the walls of your home. This can cause water damage over time, so if you notice water spilling over your gutters, it's time to reach for your gutter cleaning tools.

Sagging gutters

Another sign that your gutters need cleaning is if they start to sag or pull away from your home. This usually happens when the gutters are so full of debris that they become too heavy. The weight can cause the gutters to sag, and in severe cases, they can even collapse. If you notice that your gutters are sagging, it's best to clean them as soon as possible.

Plant growth

If you see plants growing out of your gutters, that's a clear sign they need cleaning. Seeds can get trapped in the debris in your gutters, and over time, they can start to grow. The roots can cause cracks and leaks, leading to costly repairs.

How to clean gutters safely 

When it comes to gutter cleaning, the tools you use can greatly impact your safety. The first and most important tool is a sturdy ladder. Ensure your ladder is in good condition and is placed on a solid, level surface. 

A common mistake people make is using a ladder that is too short. This can lead you to overreach, which can cause the ladder to become unstable. To avoid this, always use a ladder that is tall enough for you to reach your gutters comfortably.

Aside from gutter cleaning tools, having the right protective gear is equally important. Proper footwear, for instance, can prevent slips and falls. Look for shoes with non-slip soles and ensure they are dry before climbing the ladder. Don’t forget gloves and safety glasses as an extra precaution. 

Essential gutter cleaning tools

Gutter cleaning tools are as essential as the task itself. They not only make the job easier, but also ensure your safety. Whether it's an extendable gutter cleaning pole that helps you reach those hard-to-reach areas or a powerful leaf blower that quickly clears out debris, the right tools can make your cleaning routine a breeze. 

Ensuring you have everything you need before you start can make the process easier and more efficient. Here's a list of the basic tools you'll need:

  • Sturdy ladder — This is your most important tool. Make sure it's tall enough to reach your gutters comfortably and is in good condition.
  • Gloves — Protect your hands from sharp debris and dirty gutter water with a good pair of waterproof gloves.
  • Trowel or scoop — These are used to remove leaves, twigs and other debris from your gutters.
  • Bucket or garbage bag — You'll need somewhere to put the debris you remove. A bucket or garbage bag works well for this.
  • Hose — A hose with a spray nozzle will be necessary to flush out your gutters after you've removed the bulk of the debris.

You may also consider investing in additional gutter cleaning tools to make the job easier. For instance, a gutter cleaning wand can extend your reach and allow you to clean your gutters from the ground. Similarly, a leaf blower attachment can be a great way to clear out loose debris.

The best way to clean gutters

Once you've gathered your tools, you can start the process of cleaning your gutters. Using your trowel or scoop, begin near the downspout and work your way towards the opposite end, removing leaves, twigs and other debris as you go. Here’s how to clean gutters

  1. Before gutter cleaning, ensure you're wearing appropriate clothing, including long sleeves, pants and closed-toe shoes. Put on your gloves and safety glasses. Make sure your ladder is on stable, even ground and, if possible, have a spotter on hand for extra safety.
  2. Climb the ladder and begin near the downspout. Using your trowel or scoop, start removing debris from the gutters. Place the debris in your bucket or trash bag. Remember not to overreach; instead, climb down and move the ladder as needed.
  3. As you're cleaning, keep an eye out for any signs of damage or wear, such as holes, rust or sagging sections. Any damage should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further issues.
  4. Once you've removed all the visible debris, it's time to flush the gutters. Starting at the end opposite the downspout, use your hose to spray water into the gutter, moving towards the downspout. This will help remove any remaining debris.
  5. As the water flows towards the downspout, watch to make sure it's flowing freely. If the water is not draining or is draining slowly, there may be a blockage. If this is the case, you might need to use a plumber's snake or a specialised downspout tool to clear it.
  6. Finally, check that the water is being properly directed away from your home's foundation. If it's not, you may need to extend your downspout or adjust the grade of your yard to prevent water damage.

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