Celebrating Our Cherished Brand Ambassadors at Klevarange

Celebrating Our Cherished Brand Ambassadors at Klevarange

At Klevarange, we pride ourselves on the exceptional talent and charisma of our brand ambassadors. Their passion, expertise, and vibrant personalities have brought joy and inspiration to our customers. We are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable contributions of Paula Duncan, Ian "Huey" Hewitson, Peter Russell-Clarke, Gabriel Gaté, Julie Goodwin, and Greg Evans. Here's a glimpse into the wonderful journey we've shared with these incredible individuals.

Paula Duncan: A Star Shining Bright

Paula Duncan, an Australian actress with a career spanning decades, has been a beloved figure in our Klevarange family. Known for her iconic roles in "Cop Shop," "Number 96," "The Young Doctors," and "Prisoner," Paula's warmth and genuine personality have resonated deeply with our customers. Her involvement in various philanthropic activities showcases her dedication to making a positive impact, aligning perfectly with our values at Klevarange. Our customers have loved seeing Paula's radiant smile and hearing her inspiring stories, making her a treasured part of our community​ (10 Play)​ .

Ian "Huey" Hewitson: The Culinary Maestro

Ian "Huey" Hewitson has brought a touch of culinary magic to Klevarange. As a renowned chef and television personality, Ian's easygoing approach to cooking has inspired countless home chefs. His long-running shows, "Huey's Cooking Adventures" and "Huey's Kitchen," have been a staple in Australian households. Transitioning to digital platforms, Ian's presence on YouTube and TikTok has only grown, delighting a new generation of food enthusiasts. Our customers have enjoyed Huey's delicious recipes and practical cooking tips, making everyday meals a delightful experience​ (Wikipedia)​​ (Recipe Hub)​.

Peter Russell-Clarke: The Culinary Pioneer

Peter Russell-Clarke, with his signature "G'day" catchphrase and infectious enthusiasm, has been a beloved ambassador for Klevarange. His iconic show "Come and Get It" introduced many Australians to the joys of cooking. Peter's cookbooks and artistic endeavors have further solidified his legacy in the culinary world. Our customers have adored Peter's charming personality and practical cooking advice, making him a cherished part of the Klevarange family​ (Wikipedia)​​ (Starts at 60)​.

Gabriel Gaté: The French-Australian Gourmet

Gabriel Gaté, a French chef who has made Australia his home, has been an exceptional ambassador for Klevarange. With over 24 cookbooks and numerous television appearances, Gabriel's expertise and passion for French cuisine have captivated our audience. His contributions to French gastronomy earned him the prestigious La Croix de Chevalier in the Order of Agricultural Merit. Our customers have loved Gabriel's elegant recipes and his dedication to teaching new cooking techniques, enriching their culinary experiences​ (Wikipedia)​​ (Gabriel Gaté)​​ (Everyday Gourmet)​.

Julie Goodwin: MasterChef and More

Julie Goodwin, the first winner of "MasterChef Australia," has been a beloved figure at Klevarange. Her journey from winning the competition to becoming a celebrated chef and author has been truly inspiring. Julie's cookbooks and her cooking school, Julie's Place, have made gourmet cooking accessible to all. Our customers have enjoyed Julie's warm personality and relatable cooking style, making her a favorite among our community. Her return to "MasterChef Australia" as a fan favorite only cemented her place in the hearts of many​ (Julie Goodwin)​​ (10 Play)​​ (10 Play)​.

Greg Evans: The Perfect Host

Greg Evans, the charismatic host of the popular Australian dating show "Perfect Match," has been an exciting addition to the Klevarange family. Known for his engaging and friendly demeanor, Greg brought a unique charm to our brand. His ability to connect with people and create memorable experiences has made him a beloved ambassador. Our customers have appreciated Greg's lively presence and his knack for making everyone feel welcome and valued​ (10 Play)​.

A Heartfelt Thank You

At Klevarange, we are grateful to have such talented and passionate individuals as our brand ambassadors. Paula Duncan, Ian "Huey" Hewitson, Peter Russell-Clarke, Gabriel Gaté, Julie Goodwin, and Greg Evans have not only elevated our brand but have also touched the lives of our customers with their expertise and charisma. We look forward to continuing this wonderful journey together, bringing more joy and inspiration to our Klevarange family.

For more about our amazing ambassadors and their contributions, visit our website and join us in celebrating these remarkable individuals!

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