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Miracle Magnetic Duster® TV Offer With 2x BONUS Extension Poles + FREE Gifts!

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Miracle Magnetic Duster® TV Offer With 2x BONUS Extension Poles + FREE Gifts!



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  • Attracts Dust Like A Magnet: to clean swiftly and effortlessly in 1 motion.
  • Voluminous Fibres: to fit into all types of cracks & crevices.
  • Telescope Extension Pole: to extend up to 2 metres high.
  • Flexible Design: to bend up to 90º and maximise cleaning convenience.

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    • Attracts Dust Like A Magnet: to clean swiftly and effortlessly in 1 motion.
    • Voluminous Fibres: to fit into all types of cracks & crevices.
    • Telescope Extension Pole: to extend up to 2 metres high.
    • Flexible Design: to bend up to 90º and maximise cleaning convenience.

    Introducing the Miracle Magnetic Duster: Your Ultimate Dusting Solution!
    Are you tired of struggling with ineffective dusters that merely push dust around, leaving your surfaces still coated in a fine layer of dirt? Say goodbye to the frustration and hello to effortless dusting with our revolutionary Miracle Magnetic Duster!

    Here's why you should choose the Miracle Magnetic Duster for all your dusting needs:

    Attracts Dust Like a Magnet: Our duster utilizes powerful electrostatic charges that act like a magnet, effortlessly attracting and trapping dust particles in just one swift motion. Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming dusting sessions and hello to a spotless, dust-free home with ease!
    Voluminous Fibers for Complete Coverage: The Miracle Magnetic Duster features voluminous fibers that conform to all shapes and crevices, ensuring thorough dust removal from even the trickiest of surfaces. From furniture edges to high-rise cupboards, no speck of dust is left behind!
    Telescopic Extension Pole for Hassle-Free Reach: With our 2-meter telescopic extension pole, you can now tackle those hard-to-reach areas without the need for precarious ladders or stools. Reach every nook and cranny effortlessly, leaving your entire home gleaming with cleanliness.
    Flexible Design for Versatile Cleaning: The flexible design of our duster allows you to bend it up to 90º, making it perfect for cleaning furniture, shelves, and other surfaces with ease. No more struggling to maneuver your duster in tight spaces – the Miracle Magnetic Duster bends to your will for effortless cleaning.

    Experience the Difference Today!
    What is a duster?: A duster is a cleaning tool designed to remove dust from surfaces.
    What is a duster used for?: A duster is used to clean surfaces by removing dust and dirt particles.
    What is another word for duster?: Another word for duster could be dust cloth or dusting tool.
    What is a really good duster?: The Miracle Magnetic Duster is considered a really good duster due to its ability to attract and trap dust effectively, its versatility, and its ease of use.
    Make dusting a breeze and transform your cleaning routine with the Miracle Magnetic Duster. With its unparalleled effectiveness, convenience, and versatility, it's the ultimate choice for anyone seeking a spotless, dust-free home. Say goodbye to dusting woes and hello to a cleaner, healthier living environment – order your Miracle Magnetic Duster now!

    Yes, the Miracle Magnetic Duster is washable! You can easily maintain its effectiveness and cleanliness by washing it as needed. Simply follow the care instructions provided with the duster to ensure optimal performance and longevity. With its washable design, you can enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of the Miracle Magnetic Duster for many cleaning sessions to come.
    Clean In One Pass And Cut Your Dusting Time In Half!
    Dusting isn't exactly a job we all do with enthusiasm, but it's one that needs to get done. Whether it's the furniture edges, door tops, or high-rise cupboards that are tough to reach, a good duster can get into every nook and cranny to leave your house looking spotless. 

    The Miracle Magnetic Duster is revolutionising household cleaning with its electrostatic charges that can grab every spec of dust in 1 motion like a magnet! As seen on the morning show, you can use a 2-metre telescopic extension pole to no longer need any ladders to reach those tricky spots up high, and its flexible design lets you bend to a 90º angle to swiftly clean furniture and shelves. 
    Features & Benefits:
    Attracts Dust Like A Magnet: to clean swiftly in 1 motion
    Voluminous Fibres: Conforms to all shapes and crevices
    Telescope Extension Pole: to extend up to 2 metres high
    Flexible Design: to bend up to 90º


    Length 40cm

    Telescopic handle extends up to 2 meters


    Single Duster - 0.18g

    Duster w/ Extension - 0.33g


    Duster Head - Soft Polypropylene Voluminous Fibres

    Handle - Plastic

    Extension Pole - Lightweight Aluminium 

    Money Back Guarantee
    30 days 
    1 year
    To wash the duster head, simply rinse under warm water and leave to dry. Allow the duster to dry out naturally, do not apply heat to it as this may damage the static fibres.

    Experience swift Australia-wide shipping. Enjoy premium next-business-day dispatch from our Sydney warehouse for all orders. Domestic order delivery times are as follows:

    Metro Areas:

    2-3 business days

    Regional Areas:

    5-9 business days. Please note that the remoteness of your location may occasionally add an extra day or two to this timeframe.

    WA/ NT:

    7-14 business days.

    *Please note that pre-order products will not follow the above shipping timeline and their estimated delivery dates will be communicated separately.

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2,307 reviews
  • Peter Nord T.
    Verified Buyer
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    great product

    does the job

  • Micheal W.
    Verified Buyer
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Kleva Miracle Magnetic Duster® Attracts Dust Like A Magnet! + 2 Meter Long Extension Pole

    This product was as it was stated , very good .

  • Mary D.
    Verified Buyer
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Magnetic Dusters

    I love the dusters very much so handy with the extension pole. With the bonus that I received of two more dusters my daughters received them with their Easter chocolates. They too are enjoying them. Thank you kleva range so handy for me as I suffer from arthritis in the neck and shoulder, so easy reaching high places with this dusters. Definitely recommend it fir everybody.

  • Robyne M.
    Verified Buyer
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Miracle Duster

    I love this duster, cuts my dusting time down so much ,

    KR Profile picture for Kleva Range - Everyday Innovations
    Kleva Range - Everyday Innovations

    We're thrilled to hear you're loving the Miracle Duster! It's so wonderful when a product truly makes a task easier and more efficient.

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Miracle Magnetic Duster® TV Offer With 2x BONUS Extension Poles + FREE Gifts!


Attracts Dust Like A Magnet!

Do you want to finally make cleaning dust quick and effortless? Introducing the Miracle Magnetic Duster® with Telescopic Extension Poles. The secret is in the super soft, voluminous fingers that create a natural electrostatic charge to grab and hold dust firmly like a magnet. Get this magical household cleaning miracle today to remove the stress from your home dusting duties!

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Natural Electrostatic Charge

Natural Electrostatic Charge

Typical dusters simply swirl dust around the air creating the appearance of cleanliness.

Our miracle duster uses 1000’s of soft fibres to create an electrostatic charge that tightly holds onto every spec of dust like a magnet!

Bends to a 90 Degree Angle

Bends to a 90 Degree Angle

Finally, a duster that bends to your will!

This is perfect for cleaning edges and corners of furniture, mirrors, bookshelves, fans, fridges, and so much more!

Extension Pole

Telescopic Extension Pole

Extends up to 2 metres high
To clean those places you couldn't usually reach.

Comfortably clean ceiling fans, mouldings, high shelves, lights, and more!

Two Tone Dust Detecting Colours

Two Tone Dust Detecting Colours

You can now easily see the volume of dust you collect and be aware of the dust you’re carrying with you.

Be cautious not to shake your duster around too heavily while you clean.

Easy To Clean
The Duster

Easy To Clean The Duster

Once you finish, shake the duster outside, or wash in warm soapy water for a thorough clean.

It’s that simple!

Exclusive One Pass Technology

Exclusive One Pass Technology

The electrostatic charge generated from the fibres won't just clean the dust… but attract it to YOU.

This charge means you only need one swift motion to swipe the dust away.

Cutting your dusting time in half!


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