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Make cleaning at home easier with our range of cleaning tools and high-quality cleaning supplies. At Kleva Range, we offer a host of superb cleaning products guaranteed to make cleaning your home, the area surrounding it or your car far easier. From compact pressure washers to cordless vacuum cleaners, we stock everything you need to make your home cleaner than ever.

Ingenious cleaning solutions that provide maximum efficiency

Inefficient cleaning products and tools that don’t pass the test of time can be costly and make keeping things clean an exhausting chore. With Kleva Range, you can trust that we’ve designed and created tools and solutions aimed at being more effective — letting you reduce the hours spent cleaning. 

How our cleaning tools and equipment can help you

The innovative cleaning products in our range can help you to complete daily cleaning tasks faster and more effectively. Unclog drains instantly and safely with our chemical-free drain cleaner brush, use our super absorbent chenille mop to tackle spills in half the time or grab our 2-in-1 broom and dustpan to make short work of sweeping your floors.

The best cleaning supplies in Australia delivered to your door

Our cleaning supplies and tools are not just easier to use, they’re easy to buy too! Order what you need from our online store and we’ll pack and send it to you without delay. 



What range of cleaning tools & products does Kleva Range stock?

We have a comprehensive range of home cleaning accessories and tools — from cleaning kits and automatic soap dispensers to pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, mops and more. Browse through our extensive range at your leisure to find products that can make cleaning your home easier. 

While you’re here, be sure to check out our kitchenware, laundry/ironing, home fitness and garden/outdoor product ranges too. Whether you’re looking for a miracle mop or sharp new kitchen knives, you’ll find what you need in our online store.


What guarantees or warranties does Kleva Range provide for your cleaning tools & products?

At a minimum, we provide a 30-day, money-back guarantee for the products we sell, with longer guarantees available for certain items.


What are some of the essential household cleaning tools one should have?

The best home cleaning tools for you will be those that save you the most time. If, for example, dust is a big problem for you, our miracle mops and dusters are essential cleaning tools that you really should have.


Why should I purchase my cleaning supplies & products from Kleva Range?

Our primary focus is on creating innovative home cleaning gadgets that make life easier for all of us. If you want the best new cleaning products and tools, Kleva Range is the obvious choice. Check out our new arrivals in all product categories and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.