What Are The Most Popular Types Of Cookware?

What Are The Most Popular Types Of Cookware?

If you enjoy cooking at home, you owe it to yourself to invest in the best quality cookware you can afford. But what types of cookware are other people using in Australia today, and what should you start with if you’re just putting together your very first kitchen?

 The most popular cookware for new and old hands in Australia

Judging by the products that sell the fastest, novices and veterans alike seem to agree that quality really matters when it comes to pots, pans and other cookware for the home. Below are just a few of the must-haves for budding chefs or keen cooks:

  • Non-stick frying pans — Even if the only time you cook is first thing in the morning when you fry up some eggs and bacon, a non-stick pan is sure to find a welcome home in your kitchen. Top-quality non-stick pans are among the most popular cookware products sold across Australia.

  • Cast iron cookware — It’s not modern, but it is still very popular and for a good reason. Cast iron pots and pans are built to last for many years. The only downside, as far as many people are concerned, is the high cost associated with most of the leading brands on the market today.

  • Silicone utensils — Whether shopping for ladles, spaghetti spoons or spatulas, most home chefs seem to favour high-quality silicone utensils these days. As they are both stain-resistant and heat-resistant, it's not hard to understand why they are so popular.

  • Top quality knife sets — Any chef will tell you that kitchen knives are one of the most important types of kitchenware you will ever use when cooking, whether at home or in a professional environment. 

  • Casserole pots with glass lids — Casserole and stew pots with glass lids are a popular purchase in all areas of Australia. Glass lids normally come with vent holes that allow trapped air to escape, and because they’re see-through, they make it easy to see what’s going on too.

  • Silicone heat mats – While most countertops have heat-resistant countertops, you may want to protect the surfaces to avoid scratches or damage. This is where a silicone heat mat comes in! 

  • Steamer inserts – Steaming your vegetables instead of boiling them will help retain all the goodness and flavour they offer. This is probably why so many people have bought steamer inserts for their casserole dishes in recent years.

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