Worlds Best Kleva Kitchen Essentials Bundle

Worlds Best Kleva Kitchen Essentials Bundle

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Kleva Chop Pro
Introducing the all new, 3 SECOND PULL CHOPPER!

Quick and Easy!

Stop wasting time chopping and slicing the old fashioned way and forget expensive food processors and blenders taking up precious cupboard and bench space. Now you can make a fast, tasty meal for the whole family in just seconds. Introducing the all new, powerful, Kleva Chop Pro™.


The secret is the 7 to 1 gearing system that spins the super tough stainless steel blades seven times. And the all new easy grip handle that makes it so easy almost anyone can do it. Plus the tough nylon cord is guaranteed for over 5000 pulls!


For a chunky chop just pull and stop. Perfect for salads, stir fries, soups, stews and more. Pull it twice for a finer slice making it perfect for herbs, nuts and biscuits for desserts and so much more. Now you can chop like a chef, no mess no stress

Effortless Preparation

Forget chopping up each vegetable individually now you can easily pull a meal together in seconds. Instantly prepare dips, sauces, salads, dressings, soups, juices, sandwich fillings and so much more.

Kleva Edge Can Opener
Effortlessly Open All Cans Without The Sharp Edges!

Safe Design

Stop struggling with a can opener that's too difficult to use, too dangerous or just doesn't work. Forget razor sharp edges and constant spills. Introducing Kleva Edge™ the World's Best Can Opener. The mum tested and parent approved, Kleva Edge™ Can Opener makes it so quick and easy to open any type of can on the market.


The wide body design and the extra large K shaped handle, makes opening all cans extremely simple. Perfect for those with weak joints or arthritis! The unique gearing mechanism reduces the effort required to open the can.


Oval, Round, Square or Rectangle – The Kleva Edge Can Opener will get the job done! Even dented cans are no match for the Kleva Edge!


Don’t break your nail or struggle with a knife to open the ring pull. The Kleva Edge Can Opener lifts the ring pull quickly and easily! The safe can piercing system allows you to pierce and drain the contents of a can without opening it completely – eliminating the risk of spilling or spoiling the contents.

Kleva Garnishing Dup Set!

The Perfect Slicer

Stop struggling with plastic peelers or cheap blades that simply don't cut! Easily create gourmet salads, stir fries, garnishes and the perfect accompaniments on your plate. Every kitchen should have this necessary tool to make cooking a breeze

Quality Design

Solid Japanese stainless steel construction. The ergonomic soft grip handle is great for those right and left handed

Ultimate Garnishing Tool

Slice forwards and backwards with the dual action blade! Slice delicates and harder foods like cheese with ease!

Unique Garnishing Loops

Create unique shapes you never thought possible! Be as creative as you want!

Kleva Seal
The world’s best bag sealer!

Water tight and air tight seal

Stop your food going off, soggy or stale too early! The Kleva sea bag sealer is the incredible handheld sealing device, creating a water tight and air tight seal in seconds. Seals most plastic and foil lined bags, keeping your food fresh.

Preserve your food

Stop wasting food and throwing out packets you only just opened. Use the Kleva Seal and preserve your food for longer. No need to spend a fortune on zip lock bags, bulky containers and lost lids. You will save so much money by keeping your food for longer.

Small and portable

Small and portable, you can take your Kleva seal with you wherever you go. Perfect for picnics, caravanning, camping, and more. Using only batteries, you will always have easy access to your Kleva seal. The magnetic base allows it to stick to your fridge for easy access whenever you need it.

Easy to use

Forget about big bulky sealers that take up so much room and are hard to use. The Kleva seal comfortably fits in your hand, and is so easy to use. Simply place the open bag inside the jaws of the seal, and press down. Gently glide the seal along the open end of the bag, and it will provide a water tight and air tight seal.

Kleva Chop Pro

Weight 480g
Guarantee 2 year Warranty

Kleva Edge Can Opener

Weight 170g
Colour White and Red
Guarantee 2 year Warranty

Power Peeler & Julienne Slicer

Weight 110g
Material Stainless Steel bades with a rubber handle
Colour Red
Guarantee 5 year Warranty

Kleva Bag Sealer

Weight 90g
Colour Red and White
Guarantee 2 year Warranty
Other info 2xAA batteries required

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