QuickTime Gourmet Grill™️ Professional Flat Top Electric Gril

QuickTime Gourmet Grill™️ Professional Flat Top Electric Gril

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Stop Paying Thousands Every Year On Takeout! Get This Personal Masterchef To Make Meals In Minutes

The Quicktime Gourmet Grill™ is an electric flat top grill that can cook meals to perfection in just minutes. With a built-in thermometer that tracks and controls cooking temperature and time, you will find cooking is easy and convenient. The grill can turn cheap, store-bought ingredients into flavorful meals that satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank. The Quicktime Gourmet Grill™ comes with a 90-day guarantee, giving you three months to try it out for yourself. It is a time-saver, a money-saver, and a personal chef all in one appliance.

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    QuickTime Gourmet Grill™️ is a professional dual-heating contact grill. Use it closed as a professional contact grill or open it into a large, flat barbecue grill. With six preset programs, you can control your meal's cooking time and temperature with complete precision, giving you restaurant-quality results every time! 
    Power Supply220-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
    Power Consumption2000W
    Length of Power Cordapprox. 90cm
    Weightapprox. 8.2kg
    Box Size (cm)47.5 x 25 x 43cm
    Box Weight (kg)10kg
    Size of Grilling AreaBase/Lid 340mm x 240mm
    Temperature80ºC  - 240ºC (170ºF - 460ºF) Variable steps of 5ºC (10ºF)
    Warranty 12 Months
    Money Back Guarantee 60 Days

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QuickTime Gourmet Grill™️ Professional Flat Top Electric Gril


Versatile Cooking Options


Precise Cooking Control


Efficient Meal Preparation

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Master Precision Pressing

Adjust your cooking precision effortlessly using the grill's five lid levels, guaranteeing perfect results without over-flattening. From thick steaks to delicate pieces, our grill maintains textures and flavors, ensuring both taste and presentation are exceptional.


Effortless Cooking for All

Simplify your cooking process with ease. The built-in Tenda Sense Thermometer and Intuitive Smart Screen prevent over or undercooking. Just set your desired time and temperature for crispy skins and succulent flavors. Delight in restaurant-quality results, whether you're a culinary pro or novice.


Tenda Sense Thermometer

Attain optimal temperatures for every dish with the integrated Tenda Sense Thermometer. It monitors core food temperatures, erasing worries of under or overcooking. Your personal culinary assistant, it guarantees consistency across various meals, from hearty roasts to delicate seafood, making every creation a masterpiece.

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High Tech Features for a High Quality Grill

The Quicktime Gourmet Grill is the alpha of all cooking appliances with 2000 watts of power. In just 5 seconds, the [plate heats up to your choice of temperature and grills your favourite food till it's full of mouth watering flavour. Every feature is designed to simplify the cooking process for an easy to use experience that will last for decades to come.



Spend more time enjoying flavourful food and less time exhausting yourself with cleaning. All cooking plates are removable to make cleaning an absolute breeze. Even the juices that escape along the sides are caught in the drip tray and can be removed by pulling sidewards. Choose to discard the juices or add them to delicious sauces, dips, & gravies.


XYLAN Non-Stick Coating

The non-stick, removable dishwasher safe plates are designed for quick wipe downs or directly tossing in the dishwasher after every use. In addition, the oil drop tray catches any pool of fat trying to escape down the sides of your grill to keep it clean and pristine.


The Quicktime Gourmet Grill can be easily transformed from a contact grill to a large BBQ simply by stretching it out entirely. You'll instantly have doubled your space to a surface area of 1632cm. Use it for family-sized meals or meal prepping for the week.