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Live Show Special: Deep Tissue Percussive Massage Therapy Gun - Instant Massager Relief For Sore Muscles + Joints

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Live Show Special: Deep Tissue Percussive Massage Therapy Gun - Instant Massager Relief For Sore Muscles + Joints



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Say goodbye to sore muscles! The revolutionary Deep Tissue Percussive Massage Therapy Gun is designed to help you gain rapid relief from muscle pain, tightness in joints, and increase proper blood flow through your body. Comes with 4 different massage attachments professionally made for a specific part of your body. Long lasting battery life, and easily rechargeable, the massage gun is portable. Ultimate Massager to provide instant relieve to those sore spots on your body.


*Caution: Incorrect use of a power adaptor for your massage gun can pose serious safety risks and potential device damage. Always adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations by using the appropriate power adaptor with the correct voltage, amperage, and connector specifications.

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    powerful low noise motor

    super quiet motor

    adjustable percussion speed

    percussion speeds

    long lasting battery

    3+ hours continuous
    battery life

    interchangeable head

    4 different massage

    portable & rechargeable

    Cordless, travel
    friendly design

    led monitor

    Stylish LED
    monitor display

    Revolutionary Handheld Percussive Massage Therapy Gun

    Mimicking the power and benefits of a professional massage or vibrational therapy, this powerful deep muscle massage gun treatment seen on TV is widely available in Australia and uses rapid, repetitive strokes to stimulate blood flow, soothe muscle pain and reduce tension and tightness in joints.

    klevarange massage gunner

    Stimulate Deep Muscle Tissue & Turbocharge Recovery

    Aching back after sitting at a desk for too long? Tired feet after a long day at work? Sore muscles after a gruelling workout? 
    This is the Massage gun on TV that really works and can help reduce recovery time and increase movement and mobility in a fast, effective and relaxing manner.

    Whether you’re from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or anywhere in Australia, we can ship this revolutionary therapeutic product right at your doorstep!

    round head
    Round Head

    Designed for large muscle
    groups all over the body

    massage gunner for abs
    round head
    Flat Head

    Suitable for all
    parts of the body

    massage gunner for abs
    round head
    Fork Head

    Suitable for the
    neck & spine

    massage gunner for abs
    round head
    Acupoint Head

    Designed for targeting
    acute pain areas

    massage gunner for abs
    massage gunner demo


    20 Speed Levels

    Customise your deep tissue therapy massage gun to the optimum intensity to treat and relax your sore, aching muscles for a fast and effective recovery in the comfort of your own home.

    massage gunner battery monitor

    Powerful Deep Tissue Massage

    The massage head targets your desired muscle group with laser-focus providing instant relief from sore, aching muscles and aiding in a fast recovery.

    massage gunner battery monitor

    Say Goodbye To Sore Muscles!

    There's nothing worse than pesky pain, aches, or tightness that just wont go away no matter what you do.

    The revolutionary Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Gun is the perfect solution for rapid relief wherever the pain may be. Select the speed you desire with up to 20 different adjustable levels and 4 attachments for a customised massage experience to suit your unique needs.

    With it's long lasting battery and portable size, you can now conveniently carry pain relief wherever you go, whenever you need it. 

    Don't let pain control your life any longer - upgrade to the Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Gun and experience the power of rapid relief at your fingertips. Say hello to a happier, more pain-free you!


    • Relieves Sore Muscles: to reduce pain, aches, cramps, or stiffness
    • Better Circulation: to improve blood flow
    • 20 Speeds: for targeted relief
    • 4 attachments: made for specific body parts
    • Long Battery: to sustain even 3 hours of constant use
    • Quiet Motor: for discretion 
    • Portable: to conveniently bring wherever you desire


    Dimensions21.4cm (l) x 16.7cm (d) x 5.4 cm(w)
    Weight730 grams (without attachments)
    Speed Levels

    20 Speed Levels

    Highest Speed (Level 20) 2700 rpm

    Lowest Speed (Level 1) 1500 rpm

    Stall Force15 - 18 kg
    Battery Life

    5 hours (on level 1)

    Auto Shut Off after 10 minutes


    Round Head

    Flat Head

    Fork Head

    Acupoint Head

    Attachment Movement7mm
    Noise LevelLess than 65 db
    Money Back Guarantee60 Days
    Warranty12 Months

    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide Metro areas only

    STANDARD POSTAGE all Other areas
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Live Show Special: Deep Tissue Percussive Massage Therapy Gun - Instant Massager Relief For Sore Muscles + Joints

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