Clear BLOCKED DRAINS Quickly & Easily With Kleva Stainless Steel Drain Cleaner! SAVE plumbingBills

Clear BLOCKED DRAINS Quickly & Easily With Kleva Stainless Steel Drain Cleaner! SAVE plumbingBills

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Easy to use Kleva Stainless Steel Drain Cleaner

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Blocked Pipes

Are your drains starting to smell and always blocking up? Are your blocked drains regularly causing flooding? Our drain cleaner easily clears blocked drains leaving you with squeaky clean pipes!

Nasty Chemicals

Are you spending more money on chemical cleaners and plumbers? Fed up of using dangerous heavy duty chemicals? This one purchase solution is perfect for you!

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Easy to use

Made from stainless steel with a hardered plastic handle, the Kleva Metal Drain Cleaner is made to last. The extra long tightly coiled spring means you can clear deep within the drain and have no trouble with either straight or bent pipes. So simple! Just put the drain cleaner down into the drain until you reach the blockage, twist and remove.

No Mess

Simply throw the attached mess away, rinse and reuse. Theres no need to use harsh chemicals and make a total mess! The small compact design means you won’t be be tripping over any cables. Save call out fees, time and money with this D.I.Y drain cleaner.

Long full 3m drain cleaner unblocker coiled kleva drain cleaner close up long spring hook coiled kleva drain cleaner
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