BBQ indoors with the KLEVA Stovetop Grill, QUICK, EASY & HEALTHY way to cook!

BBQ indoors with the KLEVA Stovetop Grill, QUICK, EASY & HEALTHY way to cook!

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Copper infused non-stick cermatic grilling plate.

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Even more delicious!

Are you tired of cooking fat and greasy food? And are you feeling guilty after those unhealthy meals? Not anymore! The Klevarange Stovetop Grill makes your food more healthy by draining away the fat and grease into the outer ring, preventing it from being absorbed back into your meal. The new drip slot technology embedded in the grilling plate collects the fat and grease leaving you with not only more healthy, but even more delicious food!


Do you hate when your meat sticks to the pan? Do you find yourself burning the outside of your steaks, burgers, fish, chicken and vegetables? The Klevarange Stovetop Grill is designed with a tough non-stick and corrosion-resistant layer to improve flavour and store seasoning! When you’re finished, just use the removable handle to take the grill plate off the heat.

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No smoke and no splattering!

With the Klevarange Stovetop Grill enjoy a smoke free house! The water-filled outer ring catches the fat and juices during cooking, so you can eliminate smoke and splattering. Get rid of your fat and have absolutely no splat! It’s win, win.

Don’t worry about the weather

Cook your favourite grilled foods no matter the weather! With the Klevarange Stonetop Grill you can enjoy your favourite grilled foods inside or outside at any time of the year! Simply place it onto your gas stove top and you have barbeque style food in no time at all.

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