Blocked Or Slow Drains? GET A KLEVA POWER PLUNGER NOW "It Really Works!"

Blocked Or Slow Drains? GET A KLEVA POWER PLUNGER NOW "It Really Works!"

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Unblock those drains FAST AND EASY Kleva Power Plunger Increases the push!


Don’t be caught short when it comes to plunge power. Make sure that you’ve got the Kleva Power Plunge by your side! The suction chamber sets the Kleva Power Plunge apart from the rest as it gives you the extra suction power you need to clear even the most heavily blocked drains.

Both strong and reliable

The Kleva Power Plunge is made from hardened plastic with a heavy duty rubber suction plate at the business end. You can rely on the Kleva Power Plunge to get rid of the toughest of blockages, even ones that you’d normally struggle with.

The Best Plunge On the market Sink Power Plunge

Just two steps to clearer pipes

Simple to use, the Kleva Power Plunge only needs a push and a pull. Just place the suction plate over the entrance of the blocked passage, straight down until all of the rings are flat and then pull back up firmly. Repeat until you have reached the desired outcome!

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