Keep on top of your PILLS & VITAMINS! The Pill Organiser keeps your supplements and medication managed!

Keep on top of your PILLS & VITAMINS! The Pill Organiser keeps your supplements and medication managed!

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Perfectly organised pills, helping you keep your supplements, medication and any other tablets you may have in order and ready to go!

Full day seven days set organised Ready To Go Personal Chemist Set Removable Lid Kleva Pill Tablet Master Organiser Access To All Of Your Pills Less Tbs Kleva Pill Tablet Pro Master Drop Down System Next Day Ready To Go

Organise your life

Up to your ears in pill pots on a daily basis? Forgetting to take your medication? The Kleva Pill Organiser is your personal chemist. Refill once a week so that you’re not left rummaging through lots of bottles just to find the right pill on a daily basis.

Convenient and compatible

The Drop down system of the Kleva Pill mean that you always have tomorrows pills ready to go as soon as you’re done with todays. The removable lid also gives you immediate access to all of your days if needed.

Too Many Pills Tablet Medicine Kleva Pill Organiser

Designed to make your life easier

Not only are the pots labelled with the days of the week but you can even split them into breakfast, lunch and dinner with the lifestyle compatible design. With each pot being labelled with it’s own day it means that you’ll never take your Friday pills on a Tuesday.

Perfect for when you’re on the move

The Kleva Pill Organiser is not only perfect for the home but an amazing travel companion too, the Lightweight and compact design means that you don’t have to lug around multiple pots and tubs to keep on top of you pills but just the one accessory, the Kleva Pill Organiser!

Don't Get Confused Lost Annoyed Forgot Pills Tablets, Always have the right pills on the right day Kleva Pill Organiser Kleva Pill Organiser Kleva Pill Organiser
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