Keep your feet SOFT and SMOOTH with the dual sided foot filer!

Keep your feet SOFT and SMOOTH with the dual sided foot filer!

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The Kleva Foot File is the perfect accessory for making your feet look and feel healthy.

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Goodbye hard skin

Are you finding that the hard and peeling skin on your feet can become irritating and uncomfortable! With the new Kleva Foot File, you can have beautifully soft feet without any of the hassle! Save time, money and effort, as well as giving yourself that salon fresh feeling everytime!

Dual sided

The large dual sided head on the Kleva Foot File, is designed with a curve so that it fits to the shape of your foot, whilst reaching all the angles and areas to get your feet exactly how you want them! No need to throw it away once your finished, the Kleva Foot File is reusable! Just wash it under running water and it’s ready to use again.

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With two different file surfaces made up of microabrasive particles specifically designed for different jobs. One side for the rough areas of skin and the other can then be used for gentle exfoliation for double duty smoothing!

Don’t break the bank

Save money on those costly pedicures by doing the basics at home! The Kleva foot file is the perfect self pampering accessory. Not only is it effective but it’s easy to use, peel away hard skin and get those perfect looking feet that you’ve been after.

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