Cook Eggs the EASY WAY In a microwave in seconds!

Cook Eggs the EASY WAY In a microwave in seconds!

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The all new, easy way to cook eggs! The Kleva Egg-tastic gives you fast, fluffy and flavourful eggs every time.

Eeg ready scrambled on the go take out one minute

Only one pot to clean!

Have you had enough of being left with a pile or washing up after a simple meal? The Kleva EggStatic is your all in one egg cooker. You can prepare, cook and eat your eggs without adding any oil or grease using just one dish, EGGCELLENT!.

Quick and easy eggs

Kleva’s Egg-tastic is perfect for when you’re in rush, did you miss your alarm, press snooze one to many times or have a lot on your plate? The Kleva Egg-tastic is the solution, there’s no reason for you to miss the most important meal of the day or for you not to get your favourite snack! The Kleva Egg-Static is ceramic with silicone bumpers so that you can cook yours eggs and take them safely with you wherever you go.

Girl Boy happy and the go eggtastic Easy Cook Boil Poach Scramble Eggs

Eggs in just three simple steps

In just three simple steps you can have the eggs that you desire!
- Crack an egg into the Kleva Egg cooker and mix inside.
- Place the Kleva cooker in the microwave
- Enjoy your eggs! The portable container is great for at home or on the go.
Your eggs are cooked perfectly every time, the vented lid allows steam to escape and the ceramic pot circulates heat so that you get evenly cooked eggs.

Cook for everyone

If you’re cooking eggs for one or scrambling for the whole family, the Kleva Egg-tastic is all you could every need. Family portions are a doddle, fitting up to 19 FL oZ!! After your fluffy and flavourful eggs have gone down a treat, the Kleva Egg-tastic is completely dishwasher safe, making it even easier to clean.

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