Open all Cans Without The Sharp Edges! Buy 1 Get 1 FREE TV OFFER

Open all Cans Without The Sharp Edges! Buy 1 Get 1 FREE TV OFFER

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Kleva Edge Can Opener
Effortlessly Open All Cans Without The Sharp Edges!

Safe Design

Stop struggling with a can opener that's too difficult to use, too dangerous or just doesn't work. Forget razor sharp edges and constant spills. Introducing Kleva Edge™ the World's Best Can Opener. The mum tested and parent approved, Kleva Edge™ Can Opener makes it so quick and easy to open any type of can on the market.


The wide body design and the extra large K shaped handle, makes opening all cans extremely simple. Perfect for those with weak joints or arthritis! The unique gearing mechanism reduces the effort required to open the can.


Oval, Round, Square or Rectangle – The Kleva Edge Can Opener will get the job done! Even dented cans are no match for the Kleva Edge!


Don’t break your nail or struggle with a knife to open the ring pull. The Kleva Edge Can Opener lifts the ring pull quickly and easily! The safe can piercing system allows you to pierce and drain the contents of a can without opening it completely – eliminating the risk of spilling or spoiling the contents.

Kleva Badge

This is your Quality assurance and guarantee of KLEVA quality. All KLEVA products are backed with a manufacturers warranty and go through stringent quality assurance tests to ensure they live up to the high standard that KLEVA is renowned for. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS; look for the genuine KLEVA quality seal.

Collapsible Colander Strain, Wash or Drain! TAKES UP NO MORE SPACE THAN A PLATE!

Space-saving collapsible colander

Space saving mechanism

Are you sick of big, bulky colanders that take up all the room in your kitchen? Then the Kleva Kleva Collapsible Colander is for you! Built with a foldable space saving mechanism, the collapsible colander is the perfect addition to your kitchen, saving space and keeping your kitchen clean and manageable.

Size of a plate

Do you have minimal drawer and cupboard space, or a small kitchen with limited room? You will love how the Kleva Collapsible Colander concertinas down into less than half its full size. Perfect for small kitchens and apartments, it only takes up the space of a dinner plate.

Straining, draining, rinsing and steaming

The Kleva collapsible colander is perfect for straining and draining noodles, pasta, canned goods, tinned fruits, rinsing or steaming vegetables, fruit salad and serves as a splatter cover for items heated in the microwave. The Kleva Collapsible Colander also features evenly distributed perforations to ensure fast an efficient drainage.

Food grade silicone

Made from 100% safe, food grade silicone, you can avoid the risk of rusting and time consuming cleaning. With 2 sizing options, you can choose between a large 0.8L or 1.5L capacity, to suit all your kitchen needs. Clean-up is a breeze, just rinse it under a tap or place it in the dishwasher.


Channel 7 Channel 9 Channel 10 Foxtel
Weight 170g
Colour White and Red
Guarantee 2 year Warranty

Weight 80g
Size, Length or Capacity 0.8/1.5L
Material Silicone
Colour Orange
Weight 80g
Size, Length or Capacity 0.8/1.5L
Material Silicone
Colour Orange
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