Washing Up Made Easy With Kleva Dish Brush With Pads + Spare Pads!

Washing Up Made Easy With Kleva Dish Brush With Pads + Spare Pads!

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Scrub, scrape and shine your way to a clean pile of dishes without stopping to top up or squirt your way through a whole bottle of washing up liquid!

Scrub Wash Pot Pan Dish Any Worktop cleaning Any Worktop cleaning

Convenience is key

Hate getting your hands wet doing the washing up? Well no more do you have to rummage through the sink with dirty water to get the next dish to clean. Our Kleva Dish Brush is the tool for you! Clean as you use to stop those dishes piling up. With its tough scourer pad, it’s sure to make cleaning swift and easy!

Liquid Control

Never know how much washing up liquid to use? The Kleva Dish Brush handle allows the washing up liquid to be stored inside and released when pressing down and washing dishes. The small hole at the bottom of the handle allows limited washing up liquid through at a time, so you can never over use the detergent again!

Scrub Wash Pot Pan Dish Any Worktop cleaning

Versatile for use anywhere in the kitchen

The Kleva Dish Brush can be easily used on multiple surfaces throughout your kitchen. Surfaces include; dishes, the stove tops, the sink, and the bench worktops. Save yourself the hassle of buying sponge after sponge in order to maintain a clean kitchen!

Replacement head

Once the sponge is at it’s end, simply unclip it and pop on the replacement head that comes with your Dish Brush! It couldn’t be more convenient! Don’t let those dishes defeat you at the end of the day. With our Kleva Dish Brush, cleaning is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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