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This 8 piece genuine copper cookware set includes: 2 casserole pans, 1 frypan, 1 sauce pan and a sauté pan, with 3 interchangeable glass lids. The Kleva Copper Master Series will suit any meal you are creating.

Product Description

Taking advantage of copper being the most effective of all metals to cook with, the Kleva Copper Cookware Set ensures perfect and even heat distribution, delivering the best cooking results in less time with less energy!

Kleva Copper Pan Master Series

Choose The Best

With so many pans on the market why should you choose The Kleva Copper Tri layer pans? Well, there is a whole world of amazing arguments but we’ll refine it to some truly amazing key points that are bound to make your cooking time a pleasure!

Infused with 100% Copper

Copper infused pans have many qualities that mount up to bring them out on top of all competitors. The Kleva Copper Cooking pans, infused with 100% real copper conduct and distribute heat quicker and more effectively than regular pans. They then retain the heat meaning that you need less energy to cook with, saving you money in the process.

Reveted hendle kleva copper pan master series cooke like a chef at home
Kleva Copper Pan Master Series
Frying Pan Riveted Handle Kleva Copper Pan

Durable and versatile

Specifically designed to be durable and versatile the Kleva Copper Cooking pans can be used for a whole range of cooking methods from cooking ingredients that need low temperature simmering due to their tendency to scorch or burn, all the way through to cooking meat at a high heat in the oven. The fully metal pans are not only beautifully bronze but won’t melt or deform like normal pans with plastic handles meaning that even in this high heat oven cooking time they’re as robust as ever!

Tri-layer design

When you’re cooking with the Kleva Copper Cooking pans all of the nutrients from your food stay in the food. With the life changing tri-layer design your food only comes in to contact with 100% stainless steel! Built to last a lifetime these pans will be in the family for generations of perfectly cooked meat and delicately prepared sources, never failing to impress every time they’re used.

Forget Toxic Black Flaky Pans
Riveted Handle Kleva Copper Pan
Forget Toxic Black Flaky Pans
Kleva Copper Pan Master Series

Cook Like A Chef

The Kleva Copper Master Series means you can cook like a chef in your own home. Made with quality stainless steel with a copper satin finish, the Copper Master Series is the perfect cookware set for any home.

Chemical Free And Superior Durability

The Copper Master Series boasts a haul of great features such as being 100% chemical FREE - PFOA and PTFE FREE, even Heat Distribution, Infused with 100% real copper which means No chipping, no peeling and no flaking! The base of the pans are 2.5mm thick, providing ultimate durability in the kitchen. The handles are riveted ensuring that they will never come loose while cooking.

Forget Toxic Black Flaky Pans
Kleva Copper Pan Master Series

The 8 Piece Set

Containing 2 casserole pans, 1 frypan, 1 sauce pan and a sauté pan, with 3 interchangeable glass lids, the Kleva Copper Master Series will suit any meal you are creating.

3 Layered Genuine Copper Base

The Kleva Copper pans are made up of 2.5mm tri ply construction making it more superior than many other pans on the market. The exterior is made of a satin finish Genuine Copper Base. The interior of the pan is constructed of solid aluminium and finally we have finished each pan with a mirror polished stainless steel.

CASSEROLE PAN 1 (24 X 11.5cm / 5.0L)

CASSEROLE PAN 1 (24 X 11.5cm / 5.0L)

The Kleva Master Series 24cm Casserole Pan boasts flawless heat distribution and features the exclusive professional Kleva Copper finish. Stainless steel interiors create modern style and the high sides promote water retention to create a depth of flavour.

CASSEROLE PAN 2 (20 X 9.5cm / 2.5L)

CASSEROLE PAN 2 (20 X 9.5cm / 2.5L)

This 20cm Kleva Copper Casserole Pan is perfect for casseroles, stewing, sauces, soups and more. The perfect and even heat distribution means you can create dishes with air in half the time. The impeccable design features both the copper satin finish and the polished stainless steel surface area to retain all the flavour in your food.

SAUCEPAN (16 X 7.5cm / 1.5L)

SAUCEPAN (16 X 7.5cm / 1.5L)

The professional grade Copper Master Series Saucepan features superior heat conductivity for precision heating and long lasting resilience. Perfectly balanced, this is the must have pan for boiling, steaming, stewing and making sauces.

FRY PAN (20 X 4.5cm / 1.2L)

FRY PAN (20 X 4.5cm / 1.2L)

Cook meals to perfection with the 20cm Copper Master Series Fry Pan. With impeccable heat distribution and durability, this exclusively designed Kleva Range fry pan is the go to pan for frying, searing and browning foods. The copper finish and stainless steel interior make it a sophisticated addition to any kitchen.

SAUCEPAN (16 X 7.5cm / 1.5L)

SAUTE PAN (26 X 5.5cm / 2.5L)

The Kleva Copper Master Series Sauté Pan has a large surface area, offers exception- al heat distribution and also features a copper satin finish giving an elegant style to your kitchen. Perfect for searing meat, reduction method, stir fries, omelettes and of course sautéing.

3X GLASS LIDS Interchangeable Glass Lids

3X GLASS LIDS Interchangeable Glass Lids

3 x interchangeable lids are great for all of the 5 Kleva Copper Master Series Pans. These matching lids are designed in a classic dome shape and makes it so easy to monitor cooking without releasing the moisture and flavours when cooking. PLUS it can also be used to convert the Kleva fry pans into ones that can be used for poaching, braising or even casseroles.

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