No More Expensive Sponges With Clamp Mop - WORKS WITH ANY CLOTH!

No More Expensive Sponges With Clamp Mop - WORKS WITH ANY CLOTH!

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Effective, easy to use and high quality, the Kleva Clamp Cloth Mop with microfiber technology is the next accessory that you need in your cleaning cupboard. The life changing Kleva Clamp Cloth Mop great when used both wet and dry, low or high, it’s the one to buy.

Cloth Mop Kleva Range Clamp Clean Top Range Dry Wet Scrub

Take the effort out of cleaning

Have you had enough bending and flexing just to clean? The variable length handle of the Kleva Clamp Cloth Mop makes those strains a distant memory.
Fed up of having to buy new mop heads repeatedly? The interchangeable and machine washable cloths save you both precious money and time!

The results you’ve been after

The Kleva Clamp Cloth Mop gives you amazing results, helping you glide your way through the cleaning. With just a fraction of your effort and time you can get have the dirt free home you desire!

Two Clamp System Twist Swivel Easy To Use Kleva Clean Houst Swivel Twist Twist Pink CLoth

The 3-part System

The Kleva Clamp Cloth Mop 3-part system has been carefully designed to make using it stress free, quick and effective.
- The easy extend, detachable Kleva handle not only makes it quick to use but simple to store too!
- The Kleva two clamp mop plate allows you to detach the mop head instantly.
- The detachable microfiber cloth from Kleva is perfect for cleaning all sorts of surface it’s also detachable, reusable and is totally machine washable!

A clean house makes for a happy home!

From dust to mud, water to crumbs, the Kleva Clamp Cloth Mop is the versatile and durable product that is truly life changing when it comes to cleaning. Kleva Clamp Cloth Microfiber Mop is specifically made to give that ultimate clean. Use it dry for dusting, sweeping and polishing floors, or get it wet to deep clean and mop surfaces.

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