QuickPress FitFast™️ Cover The Best Ironing Board Cover Ever, Fits Almost Any Board

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QuickPress FitFast™️ Cover The Best Ironing Board Cover Ever, Fits Almost Any Board

QuickPress FitFast™️ Cover The Best Ironing Board Cover Ever, Fits Almost Any Board

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Instant fit fastening system is enhanced with a elasticised edges and adjustable attachment bands
for a perfect fit on all standard and large size boards

Cordless Operation

Don’t let tangled cords tie you down! Seamlessly switch from corded to cordless in seconds to iron creases without the restriction of a power cord getting in your way.

Corded Operation

Seamlessly switch your Quickpress IronLite™ from cordless to corded for more power and stronger ironing. easily iron multiple loads of washing in record time!

Variable Steam Output

Have complete control over the steam output with the Quickpress IronLite™ for effective crease removal of even the most stubborn creases on the thickest fabrics. 

Effortless Ironing

Amazingly light! The Quickpress IronLite™ iron glides effortlessly. Get your clothes fresh and ready to wear in no time.

Vertical Steaming

The Quickpress IronLite™ makes vertical ironing easier than ever. Quickly drop creases from cloths while they hang and save money on expensive steamers for your jackets, dresses and hanging curtains.

Safety Features

With overheating protection and an energy-efficient auto-shut off system, you can enjoy greater peace of mind that your iron won’t overheat and automatically turns off to help prevent potential hazards, all while putting a dent in your energy bills.

Controlled Ironing Made Easy

Equipped with 2200W of ironing power, with dry, spray and steam modes, adjustable temperature control as well as vertical and horizontal steaming options, you will easily be able to flatten out every crease.

Non-stick Ceramic Soleplate

Focus on getting all your clothes crease-free with The non stick ceramic soleplate. Keep your dress shirts, fine skirts and pants fresh and crisp with the adjustable power of the Quickpress IronLite™ Cordless and Corded Steam Iron. 

Premium Dual Layer For Optimum Performance

The scorch resistant metallic finish provides a clean and durable ironing surface that will prolong the life of your cover.

Two Unique Colours

Choose between two unique colours that will look great in any home!

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