Sympler Styling Eyelash Curler

Sympler Styling Eyelash Curler

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Get Hollywood eyelashes the natural way, with the Sympler Eyelash Curler

The simple Sympler Eyelash Curler in a safe to use, blue silicone design The Sympler Eyelash Curler is easy to use and simple Get the Eyelash Curler as seen on TV

Beautifully curled lashes in seconds

Are you craving that beautiful eyelash look but just can’t get the results you want? Introducing the Sympler Eyelash curler, the best way to create beautiful curled eyelashes easily. With a simple and elegant the design, the Sympler eyelash curler is a must have. The curved design means they won’t touch your make up base, so you will have perfect lashes to match you perfect make up everyday!

Curl your lashes naturally

Forget having to struggle with false eyelashes, because you just can’t get the volume you want with regular tools. The Sympler Eyelash Curler features silicone rubber pad that apply the appropriate amount of pressure to curl lashes naturally. Your eyelashes will remain in perfect shape all day. With a easy grip handle, you will be able to have that Hollywood glamour everyday!

Get amazing Hollywood glamour lashes with the easy to use eyelash curler The Sympler Eyelash Curler is quick and easy, giving you a fast curl with Hollywood glamour The simple blue silicone design Sympler Eyelash Curler Get your safe and easy to use eyelash curler to give you ultimate volume

Won’t blur or smudge your makeup

The sympler professional eyelash curler has a special curved design which angles to suit all eye shapes without touching your makeup base.

Long lasting curled lashes

Produces natural looking results, a safe way to make your eyelashes look long and beautiful. A guaranteed long lasting curl, safe for your lashes.


“I have tried a variety of curlers and this is by far the best I have used! It curls the lashes quickly and the curl holds for many hours. Very happy with the results!” - Margot L Smiths


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