"Defrosts Frozen Food in HALF the Time?" Incredible Defrosting Tray!

"Defrosts Frozen Food in HALF the Time?" Incredible Defrosting Tray!

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Defrosting tray – defrosts food in half the time

defrosting tray naturally defrosts your food without needing a microwave defrosting tray defrosts your food so quickly and easily Defrost your food the safe and natural way with the defrosting tray

Quick and easy

Stop waiting hours for your frozen food to defrost in the fridge or risk leaving it in the sink, out in the elements. The Quick and Easy Defrosting Tray is the quick way to defrost your food naturally to shorten the meal preparation time. A fabulous thawing tray that is simple and quick!

Safe and natural

Forget about relying on microwaves to quickly defrost your food, leaving it half cooked and still frozen inside. The Quick and Easy Defrosting Tray uses so microwave, no batteries and no electricity.

stop waiting hours for food to defrost on a bench or in a sink defrost your food quickly and easily to save on prep time don’t defrost your food in hot water, possibly damaging the quality of the food save hours in the kitchen by defrosting your food quickly and safely

How it works

The specially designed tray absorbs heat from the air which then transfers directly to the frozen item.

Stop ruining food

Stop destroying expensive cuts in the microwave and start using the Quick and Easy Defrosting Tray!


“Since purchasing 3 defrosting trays, 1 for myself and 1 each for my daughters we have found them to be a valuable item that performs exactly as described and have recommended them to my friends” - Ken F


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