Cook Eggs,Pastas,Soups,Rice Quickly & Easily BUY 1 GET 1 FREE limited stock! 2 FREE Swifty Slicers!

Cook Eggs,Pastas,Soups,Rice Quickly & Easily BUY 1 GET 1 FREE limited stock! 2 FREE Swifty Slicers!

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Kleva Cooker
The One Touch counter top cooking system!

The As seen on TV Kleva Cooker is portable and lightweight Cook so many different meals in the one pot Kleva Cooker The red Kleva Cooker is small and clever for easy storage


Stop struggling with countless pots and pans to make a meal, and forget about the stress of a messy kitchen and clean up! The Kleva Cooker is the one touch, one pot cooking system. Simply add in your ingredients, and the Kleva Cooker does the rest! No need to set timers or wait for preheating. The intelligent Kleva Cooker knows exactly how long your food needs to cook for, and it will come out perfect every time.


No more relying on microwaves to heat your food back up. The Kleva Cooker automatically changes to ‘Warm Mode’ once it is finished cooking. The built in Warm Function keeps your food toasty, until the dish is ready to be served.

Stop wasting time with messy pots and pans, get the one pot Kleva Cooker system Cook rice and pasta meals with the quick and easy Kleva Cooker Forget time consuming cooking, cook easily with Kleva Cooker Cook creamy, delicious, tasty and juicy meals fast in the bright red coloured Kleva Cooker benchtop cooking system


Forget about those big bulky machines, taking up your precious counter space. The Kleva Cooker’s small, compact design fits snuggly on the bench. Want to take it with you? Just unplug the Kleva Cooker and it becomes the perfect travel companion, ideal for picnics and lunches on the go.


Kleva Cooker holds up to 4 cups, enough to feed the whole family. With a removable, non-stick inner pot, the hassle of regular pots and pans is now a thing of the past.

Cook a variety of meals quickly from lasagne, curry, hard boiled eggs to chili con carne In your red Kleva Cooker, turn it into a rice cooker, a steamer for fish and vegetables, cook soup and delicious desserts Get your value for money, affordable countertop cooker The Kleva Cooker is portable, perfect for picnics, the office, your desk, breakfast lunch or dinner The clever cooker is perfect to cook porridge, it’s easy and simple With your benchtop cooking system, cook from frozen for delicious, juicy, succulent, tasty prawns and food Cook soup quickly and fast with the on pot easy cooking system Steam fish like salmon with your restaurant quality as seen on tv Kleva Cooker Give you family yummy meals like this one pot Mexican Chili Con Carne dish Cook tacos the easy, simple and quick way with no mess and no fuss, with the red Kleva Cooker Cook yummy dessert like chocolate fondue with the easy, no clean up Kleva Cooker Cook Asian noodle soup fast with the one pot countertop, as seen on TV Kleva Cooker


“I have been trying for some time to lose weight and never seem to manage, but this cooker allows me to cook the food I would usually cook, just in a healthier way. I have also purchased the Total Body Tracker, so I can track my weight loss progress. The 2 products are really helping me on my mission to lose weight- so THANK YOU Kleva Range” - BRONCOS61


Kleva Swifty 10 in 1 Slicer BUY ONE GET ONE FREE
Slice, Dice, Chop, Shred, Julienne, Strip, Grind, Grate, Zest, Wedge in Seconds!

Professional at Home Slicer- 2 for 1 offer

Forget piles of appliances and parts that clutter your counter tops and cupboards and if you have had enough slicing, dicing chopping and grating to last you a lifetime then you need the Kleva Swifty Slicer, the all new compact 10 in 1 slicer that does it all in seconds. Now you can slice, dice, chop, shred, julienne, strip, grate, grind and so much more.

Quality Design

Forget big bulky electrical appliances that just turn your food to mush. Now you can get perfectly sliced onions in seconds without tears, make coleslaw like a machine, perfect kiwi fruit for pavlova or potato bake like a master chef, even corn off the cob.

Fast Preparation

Forget time consuming julienne slicing with a knife. Now you can make perfect carrot strips for salads, sandwiches and kids lunches, zucchini strips for stir fries or even vegetable pasta

Easy to clean - Buy one get one free

Each Kleva Swifty Slicer fits perfectly into the handy storage container so now you can slice straight into the bowl no mess no fuss. Plus it rinses under a tap for easy clean and is dishwasher safe and when your done it takes up no more space than a carton of eggs.


“Absolutely adore this slicer! Makes everything in the kitchen super easy and quick. Cuts any sort of fruit and veggies and makes cooking in the kitchen a much more enjoyable experience Strongly Recommended to all!” - Rhonda George



Channel 7 Channel 9 Channel 10 Foxtel
Colour Red Power - 220V-240V
Material Inner Pot aluminium with a non-stick coating
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