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Circulation Cycle™️ Mini - Low-Impact Elliptical Exercise Trainer, Get Fit While You Sit!

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Circulation Cycle™️ Mini - Low-Impact Elliptical Exercise Trainer, Get Fit While You Sit!



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Struggling to find space for a big exercise machine? Then the Mini Circulation Cycle is perfect for you! Whisper quiet with variable speed levels, program settings, and a large LED Display to help you easily work your abs, core, hips, joints, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves; all whilst comfortably watching the television. This premium product can be easily used at home, or at your office. Get fit while you sit!

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    Keep Fit

    While you


    Mini Circulation Cycle™ is the latest breakthrough in Elliptical Exercise Technology! Improve flexibility and increase your energy levels with a Low Impact Workout - NO Effort Required!

    magnetic resistance

    Simulate walking or cycling from the comfort of your sofa

    Easy To Use Control panel

    Track your speed and distance with the easy to read control

    full body workout
    Adjustable resistance Levels

    Customise the intensity of your workout 

    touch screen
    whisper quiet use

    No noisy distractions so you can exercise whilst you watch TV

    heart rate monitor
    progress tracker

    Monitor your progress with the intuitive control panel

    reclining position
    compact design

    Takes up minimal space and easily fits under a desk

    Get Fit in the comfort of your own home

    The slimline design is so compact it easily fits under your desk, dining table, and right next to the lounge, so it’s always ready to get you moving.

    perfect work from home while working from home
    perfect work from home on the couch

    guarantee logo 5 minute workout

    Any time workout to
    suit any fitness level

    The Mini Circulation Cycle™ has variable resistance,
    so if you’re after something a little bit harder, just
    turn the dial and now it simulates going for a jog, or
    even an inclined walk.

    increase your heart rate
    Increase your heart Rate
    workout at your own place
    Workout at your own pace

    Low impact workout while you read, watch TV or work.

    Now you can burn calories, work the muscles in your
    lower body, and get your legs moving all without even need to leave your desk!

    increase your heart rate
    Workout in your own home
    workout at your own place
    Solid grip
    non- slip feet

    Save money and time with
    the easiest way to exercise

    Don’t spend thousands of dollars on gym memberships!
    The Mini Circulation Cycle™ is your full body, easy to use
    Exercise bike. Simply sit back, turn on the TV or browse on your Phone/Tablet.

    increase your heart rate
    Save Money and time
    workout at your own place
    Exercise while on your phone

    No more bulky exercise equipment with its compact design.

    The Mini Circulation Cycle™ has an easy carry handle and has a compact design to store away or fit under any desk. With its it’s whisper quiet technology it is the perfect no excuses machine to get you moving and feeling energised anytime, anywhere.

    increase your heart rate
    Sturdy and compact design
    workout at your own place
    Whisper quiet use

    The MINI Circulation Cycle™ uses new and innovative
    technology to make your workout seem effortless!
    multifunctional system
    • Multi-function monitor
    • Easy to read digital display
    • Track calories burnt
    • Track distance travelled
    • Tracks speed
    • Tracks length of workout
    multifunctional system
    • Strong, durable design
    • Compact for easy storage
    • Fits neatly under a desk or table
    • Convenient carry handle
    multifunctional system
    • Fully customise your workout
    • Perfect for all fitness levels
    • Low-Intensity exercise
    • Large, easy to adjust knob
    multifunctional system
    • Comfortable foot pedals
    • Large pedal to fit all users
    • Non-slip safety grip
    • Quiet, & smooth pedaling system

    mini circulation cycle
    Circulation Cycle™ Mini

    Low-Impact Elliptical Exercise Trainer, Get Fit While You Sit!

    mini circulation cycle
    ArctaCool® Cooling Towel + Ice Roller

    Beat The Heat and Stay Cool & Refreshed!

    Exercise from the comfort of your desk or couch

    The Mini Circulation Cycle™ Makes exercising easy and convenient with its compact design, perfect for under your desk or on the couch
    two in one circulation cycle

    health benefits Health Benefits health benefits

    • tick iconHelps increase circulation & blood flow
    • tick icon Reduce your risk of a heart attack
    • tick icon Manage your weight
    • tick icon Lower blood cholesterol level
    • tick iconLower blood pressure
    • tick iconStronger bones, muscles & joints
    • tick iconLower your risk of falls
    • tick iconHave more energy throughout the day
    • tick iconFeel more relaxed
    • tick iconHelps give you a better nights sleep

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    circulatin cycle trainer
    Circulation Cycle™ Mini

    Low-Impact Elliptical Exercise Trainer, Get Fit While You Sit!

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    Get Fit While You Sit!

    Exercise can be exhausting. If only there was a way to stay fit and healthy without needing to put in effort or energy. Well now there is! The Mini Circulation Cycle is the latest breakthrough in elliptical exercise technology to give you a low impact workout that burns calories while seated. 

    Simply place it in-front on you and get peddling to train your abs, quads, and calves comfortably as you go about your day. This low impact workout will improve your blood flow for better heart health, which is proven to reduce the risk of several chronic diseases. 

    Whether you're watching tv, reading a book, or doing work at your desk, the Mini Circulation Cycle conveniently fits anywhere you need for an effortless workout thats also quiet and discrete. 


    • Helps With Weight Control 
    • Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
    • Lowers Cholesterol
    • Strengthens Bones, Muscles, and Joints
    Dimensions63cm x 43cm x 30cm
    Max user weight100kg
    Product Weight12kg
    Power (Computer)2x AAA Batteries (Not included)
    Warranty12 Months
    Safety Warning

    Consult a doctor before using.

    If you feel dizziness, nausea, pain or discomfort stop exercising and seek medical attention.

    Make sure equipment is assembled properly before use.

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Circulation Cycle™️ Mini - Low-Impact Elliptical Exercise Trainer, Get Fit While You Sit!