2 for 1 Worlds First Bottomless Cake Tin - Bake Any Shape, Bonus Wonder Whisk + Bonus Batter Dispenser!

2 for 1 Worlds First Bottomless Cake Tin - Bake Any Shape, Bonus Wonder Whisk + Bonus Batter Dispenser!

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The worlds first bottomless cake tin! The Kleva Bake Snake can fit and create over 50 different shapes without the mess of a normal cake tin.

Bake Snake Bake Snake Bake Snake

Bottomless cake tin

Are you tired of your baking sticking to the bottom of tins? Cakes that get stuck and won’t come out? Introducing the all new Kleva Bake Snake the worlds first bottomless cake tin. You can create over 50 different shapes, numbers, letters and figures.

Fun and easy

If you want to reclaim cupboard space and bake a cake in any shape, then do what so many chef’s, mums and daily bakers are doing and get your very on Kleva Bake Snake, the fun and easy solution to making beautiful cakes!

Bake Snake Bake Snake Bake Snake Bake Snake

Flexible and light

Bake cakes, tarts, pies, donuts, brownies, muffins and so much more. With the bake snake you can replace baking tins, trays and baking clutter. Flexible and light, the bake snake is easy made from silicone and is easy to clean and store. The patented stabilising pillars and interlocking system prevents leakage retaining the shape while you bake.

50 different shapes, numbers and letters

You can make over 50 different shapes, numbers and letters, simply make your shape on a foil lined tray or plate, pour in your mix or batter and watch as you bake your very own shape. Bake snakes peal easily away from your cake without sticking and are dishwasher safe.


Bake Snake

1. Create your shape

Simply connect the bake snakes together to create your desired shape.

Bake Snake

2. Pour in your cake mix

Place it on a foil lined oven tray. Pour in your cake mix and place it in the oven.

Bake Snake

3. And bake!

Watch as Bake Snake holds the shape you created!

Bake Snake Bake Snake Bake Snake Bake Snake Bake Snake Bake Snake Bake Snake Bake Snake

Prepare, mix and dispense your pancake mix in the same device! Everybody loves a pancake day and the Kleva Pancake Dispenser makes having a pancake day all the much easier.

Pancake Mix Easy Blend The kleva pancake dispenser makes incredible pancakes quickly and easily. No multiple bowls or messy clean up. The kleva pancake dispenser makes incredible pancakes quickly and easily. No multiple bowls or messy clean up.

All In One

Messy? Hassle? Too many different untensils needed? If these are all words that come to mind when you think of making pancakes, then you need our Kleva Pancake Dispenser! It’s all-in-one features allow you to measure out exactly what you want with its detachable lid and whisk away without making a mess! The dispenser easily detaches to make cleaning it easy too!

Whisk away!

Hate shaking those pancake bottle mixes until your hand hurts? The Kleva pancake dispenser’s easy grip hand crank system allows you to quickly whisk up a storm! It’s ideal for waffles, crepes, muffins, scones and cupcakes! It’s the perfect kitchen accessory that the whole family can use. The Kleva pancake dispenser makes baking fun again.

The Kleva Pancake Dispenser is the easiest way to mix cake and pancake batters, in the one tidy, value for money unit Easy pancake The Kleva Pancake Dispenser is perfect for no mess cooking, with the easy pour function, great for batters and mixes The only option kleva range for the best kitchen accessory

Pancake Perfection!

You decide what size to make whether it be little pancakes, or a pancake as big as the pan. Don’t waste your pancake batter by spilling it everywhere, use the Kleva Pancake Dispenser. Create the perfect size and shaped pancake for the ultimate pancake satisfaction!

You control the output

It’s up to you to decide how much or how little you want to add to that perfect pancake. With our one-pull dispenser system in our Pancake Dispenser, getting the right amount of batter out for your pancake has never been easier!

Wonder Whisk: The Worlds Fastest Cordless Hand Whisk

The world’s fastest, cordless hand whisk

No cords and batteries

Are you sick and tired of whisking by hand or using bulky mixers and blenders? Then the all-new Kleva Wonder Whisk is exactly what you need! With no batteries, no cords and no electricity required, you can be saving on power and whisking like a pro in no time at all!

Super fast

Stop whisking for hours with no results! Now you can whisk milk, eggs, sugar cream and so much more with no effort and incredibly fast results. Make restaurant quality dishes such as French toast, Spanish omelettes and café style coffee all in seconds, with the Wonder Whisk, the possibilities are endless.

Simplistic, portable design

Made from quality stainless steel, the wonder whisk is light, portable and so easy to use. Great for saving power around the home, camping, traveling and all your cooking requirements, the wonder whisk provides great results with less effort. To use, simply push the handle up and down and let the whisk take care of the rest!

Easy to clean

Easy to clean, no dishwasher required, just push up and down in the sink and wipe the handle down, it’s as easy as that! Great for café style coffee, milkshakes, smoothies and hot chocolates as well as mayonnaise, dressings, cakes mixes, batters and much more. Keeps lumps out of gravy, white sauces and custards, you can even use it in the pot while you are cooking.

Weight 160g
Material Stainless Steel blades
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