How To Use The Miracle Duster

How-To Fluff Up Your New Duster

It might look thin and flat when you first get the miracle duster. A quick fix is to drag your hands down the duster's fibres a few times so they become fluffy and functional.

How-To Use The Electrostatic Charge

Thanks to the electrostatic charge, the Miracle Duster really does make dusting easier. The electrostatic charge is generated automatically as you dust the household, and its soft fabric fibres rub along objects. This attracts all specks of dust and dirt to minimise your cleaning time. 

How-To Bend Your Duster

You really can bend the Miracle Duster to whatever angle you need to clean those hard to reach places. The flexible metal inside allows you to bend the duster in whatever way you want. When you're done, you just bend it back into a straight position again. 

How-To Clean The Duster

Rather than clean your duster with a regular cloth that'll cause a mess, all you need to do is take the duster outside and shake it until the dust and dirt fly off completely. It's that easy!

How-To Setup The Extension Pole

You'll never need to stand on a ladder or a chair again to dust those high up spots. Simply twist the extension pole, extend it out, and screw it into the end of your duster.