Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my credit card details be safe when purchasing KLEVA RANGE™ products online?

We offer two methods of payment online Shopify or Paypal. Once you have processed your order, credit card details will automatically be destroyed.

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2. How long will it take to receive my KLEVA RANGE™ purchase?

Postage and handling for your order, is arranged through Australia Post nationwide and generally takes 7 business days. Please take into consideration any major Public Holidays at the time of purchase and make sure you get your orders in early for busy times of year such as Christmas and Easter periods, to ensure you receive your package in ample time. However, why not choose our Express Post option when placing your order. This means Australia Post generally guarantees a 3-day delivery time with the exception of small rural areas.

3. Where are the products from the KLEVA RANGE™ designed?

The majority of the products from the KLEVA RANGE™ are Australian designed.

4. What will appear on my credit card statement?

SP*KLEVARANGE will appear on your credit card statement.

5. Do my KLEVA RANGE™ products have a warranty or a money back guarantee?

All KLEVA RANGE™ products come with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.

6. What is the process if I have received a faulty or damaged KLEVA RANGE™ product?

If you receive a faulty or damaged KLEVA RANGE™ product please call our office on 02 9387 4100 to speak to one of our representatives to resolve this issue.
All knives need proper care if you want them to perform to their full potential. It is NOT recommended that you put your Kleva Cut® Knives in the dishwasher. It is recommended that you wash your Kleva Cut® Knives by hand in warm water with mild dishwashing liquid and water. After washing, dry your Kleva Cut® knives with a clean, dry towel and store in your Kleva Cut® satchel.
Kleva Cut® knives are made with superior quality Japanese Vamolcrium® 18 stainless steel. This combination steel is designed not to rust. Whilst all care is taken to ensure it is stainless, it is not 100% stain proof. Ensure you follow the care instructions to ensure the longevity of your knives.
Look for the Genuine Kleva Quality Logo both on the website, on your product and your product packaging to guarantee you only purchase the authentic Kleva® brand that you know and trust.
For optimum results always store your Kleva Cut® knives in the Kleva® satchel provided. This will prevent nicks and cuts in your blades. Nicks and cuts occur with normal use of any blade so don’t panic if this has happened. Use your Kleva Cut® Sharpening Rod or your Kleva Sharp Pro® to get your knife back to pristine sharpness, just like the day you bought it.
Sharpening your Kleva Cut® knives is recommended, using the Kleva Cut® Sharpening Rod or your Kleva Sharp Pro® to ensure premium quality and longevity in your Kleva Cut® Knives. Should you prefer to have your Kleva Cut® Knives sharpened professionally, ensure you only use a reputable sharpening service you know and trust.
At Kleva Range® we understand the importance of having superior quality products you can trust. We offer a 10 year money back guarantee on our entire Kleva Cut® Knife range. We are so confident in the quality of our products, we even guarantee that if “you break it we replace it”. You’ll love our exceptional Kleva Cut® Knife Range.Please call our friendly Customer Call Centre on 02 9387 4100 to assist you in this matter.
Your Kleva Cut Master Series® knife set will be free from defect in material, construction or workmanship for a minimum of 10 years under normal use and following the care instructions. Excluding damage caused by misuse or accident. Chips in the knife blades, broken knife tips, discolorations from food and rust spots are not covered however knife chips and broken knife tips, can often be repaired by re-sharpening. Discolouration’s and rust spots can be avoided by following the care instructions. This warranty extends only to Kleva Cut Master Series® original purchaser.
Please ensure you complete your guarantee form on our website under the Kleva You heading when you purchase your Kleva Cut® Knife set. Please call our friendly Customer Call Centre on 02 9387 4100 should you need assistance at any time.
We can only accept orders from customers 18 years or over due to Australian Regulations. By purchasing this product online you agree to these terms and conditions.
Unlike other knives on the market today, the Kleva Cut® Knife range has been designed with you, the customer in mind. Superior quality with a perfected weighted and balanced handle, precision cutting technology and proven performance, ensures Kleva Cut® stays a cut above the rest. All knives are crafted using the finest Japanese Vamolcrium® 18 Stainless Steel and features the exclusive MRE sharpening technology.
Call our friendly Customer Service Team on 02 9387 4100
KLEVA SHARP™/KLEVA SHARP PRO™ will sharpen your everyday kitchen knives, professional knife set, serrated blades and fishing blades.
We do not recommend you use the KLEVA SHARP™/KLEVA SHARP PRO™ on scissors.
The KLEVA SHARP™/KLEVA SHARP PRO™ will sharpen all types of serrated blades except for fine toothed serrated knives./div>
The KLEVA SHARP™/KLEVA SHARP PRO™ will sharpen your professional knife set.
The KLEVA SHARP™/KLEVA SHARP PRO™ suction cap will stick to all smooth surfaces. Stick it to your kitchen bench, cupboards, fridge or microwaves for easy access.
The KLEVA EDGE™ can open all shapes of standard shaped, square or larger cans.
The KLEVA EDGE™ easily opens your cans that have been dented.
The KLEVA EDGE™ is easy to use for people who are left or right handed./div>
The KLEVA SEAL™ uses 2 x AA Alkaline batteries.
The KLEVA SEAL™ is able to seal all types of plastic bags thin or thick. The thicker the plastic bag the slower the sealing motion needs to be to ensure the perfect seal.
As with all Kleva Range™ products, Kleva Shears™ come backed with a 30 day money back guarantee and a full 12 month warranty. Please keep all packaging should you need to return your shears for any reason.
Kleva Shears™ are the perfect hand held sized shears. They are approximately 15cm in length, designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. They are also crafted with a soft silicone handle ensuring that they are comfortable enough to use all day long. Forget aching hands and muscles, Kleva Shears™ are ideal for people little strength or with arthritis.
Kleva Shears™ have an inbuilt 3 to 1 ratchet mechanism to cut through branches quickly and easily. Cut trees, branches, twigs, sticks, plants, weeds and more up to 20 mm in thickness.
Kleva Shears Pro™ are the ultimate gardeners accessory. They make cutting and chopping trees, branches, sticks and plants quick and easy. Keep unruly trees and branches in shape and transform your garden the simple way.
Kleva Shears Pro™ have a 3 to 1 ratchet mechanism to make cutting through the thickest of branches a breeze. This mechanism reduces the pressure and strain in your arms and converts it into power in the blade. Plus the Kleva Shears Pro™ have extendable arms to make cutting even the tallest trees achievable. Stop straining and stretching or paying for expensive gardeners when you can get yourself a pair of Kleva Shears Pro™ today for a special, TV only price.
For 95% of cake mixes there will be no leakages, a very runny batter may result in minimal leakage if aluminium foil has not been used correctly.
Extremely easy. Simply connect two bake snakes together by laying them on a flat surface and connecting the two ends together.
Make sure that the smooth side is on the inside, and the side with the pillars is on the outside.
One Bake Snake™is 7.5cm in length - 5.5cm in width.
All you have to do is interlock two Back Snakes at a 90 angle.
No, that’s not necessary since the Bake Snake is made out of silicon.
As many as you want. Just remember the more you make, the large the cake!
Caution Bake Snakes are hot and retain heat! Always use appropriate equipment to remove any hot items from the oven. Place the tray on a safe, heat resistant surface, and let the cake cool down. Once the cake has cooled, safely remove he bake snake form the cake. Start at one corner and unclip one section. Then proceed to pull the Bake Snake away from the cakes edge.
You can make over 50 shapes, letters & numbers!
You will need to reduce cooking time by 10% as the Bake Snake is made of silicon which means it will cook faster. (If baking time is 40 min, reduce the cooking process by 4 min = 36min total)
If you can bake it, you can shape it.
When you order your Bake Snake™, our current offer includes a FREE Recipe book. This 20 page book is a comprehensive recipe guide filled with a collection of exciting and best loved cake recipes, shape and cake ideas for your next cake, so you can get the most out of your Bake Snake™.
The Deluxe Anti Fog Mirror™ is designed to be fog free and anti mist, so it’s perfect for use in the bathroom, shower, steam rooms, sauna, spa, kitchen, near the pool or anywhere else where water is prevalent. It’s also a handy size to carry in your handbag as a portable mirror on the go.
Unlike most mirrors, the Deluxe Anti Fog Mirror™ is break resistant and shatterproof, making it the perfect mirror in your bathroom, shower or near slippery areas where water is present, such as saunas and steam rooms. Say goodbye to broken glass and get yourself the one mirror that will stay intact.
Weighing in at under 1 kilo, the Deluxe Anti Fog Mirror™ is lightweight and portable so it’s perfect for use in the bathroom, especially in the shower. This lightweight design also means it’s easily transportable and convenient to take with you wherever you go.
Unlike regular mirrors, the Deluxe Anti Fog Mirror ™ offers a clear reflection for a truly fog free shower and shave. Fog or condensation occurs on most mirrors when the warmer moisture in the air condensates on the cooler surface of a wall-mounted mirror. Simply hold the Deluxe fog free mirror under the shower stream for 2 to 3 seconds so the temperature of the moist air and the mirror surface will equalize to create a long lasting, truly fog free image for the duration of your shower.
The Deluxe Anti Fog Mirror™ has been designed with anti fog technology to withstand hot moist room temperatures time and time again. Backed with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty, the Deluxe Anti Fog Mirror™ is designed to last you years.
Kleva Hooks™ are the perfect hanging solution, with a firm grip for organising your home without causing damage to the walls. Kleva Hooks™ will hold up to 3kgs of weight per hook. Perfect for holding your Deluxe Anti Fog Mirror™or bathroom organiser for shampoos and conditioner.
Simply find a clean smooth space for your Kleva Hook™, such as a tile or bathroom wall, and wipe with a damp cloth. Dry the surface. Peel away the protective backing to reveal the sticky side of your hook. Firmly, press the hook against the surface of your choice and start hanging.
Kleva Hooks™ are perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, shed, office, camping, boat trips and more.
Kleva Hooks™ are easily transferable from wall to wall. Reuse them over and over again. Simply ensure each surface you attach them to is clean, dry and smooth. Should your Kleva Hook™ lose a little of it’s stickiness, simply rinse under water with washing liquid to clean the surface and re-expose the sticky side.
The Kleva Hooks™ adhesive affixes to any shower surface holding the Deluxe Anti Fog Mirror™ shaving mirror solidly in place. No more suction cups falling off of the wall.
The Sympler Safety Razor™ is a timeless classic, of a traditional one blade, barber’s razor. These blades are designed to last longer than the newer multiblade razors and refills. One blade should last up to one month of regular usage.
Our fantastic offer for the Sympler Safety Razor™ includes 60 double sided single blades. Should you require additional blades, please call our friendly Customer Call Centre on 02 9387 4100 to purchase more at an exclusive ‘TV only’ price.
Always use your Sympler Safety Razor™ with caution as blades can be extremely sharp. The Sympler Safety Razor™ can be used on your face, head or any other region of your body you would normally shave.
The Sympler Safety Razor™ has been exquisitely made with stainless steel, however as with all standard and multiblade razors there is a tendency for these blades to rust being constantly subjected to a wet environment. In order to preserve the longevity of your blade, we advise after every use to gently twist the handle to open the razor head, carefully lift out the blade touching the dull sides and then rinse under running water. Leave this blade out to dry on a towel before replacing and sealing the razor head by the handle once again.
Traditionally, barbers have always used a singular blade on their customers as these blades are renowned to give you a closer, softer, smoother shave. But over time large companies introduced the multiblade razors onto the market, so they could charge more money. There is no evidence to suggest, that multiblades are better than the singular blade. In fact, studies show that singular blades reduces the chance of razor burn and ingrown hairs. With Sympler Safety Razor™ you will get a closer, sharper, smoother shave leaving your face feeling softer and less irritated. This double edge safety razor uses a single cutting edge to cut the hair cleanly without pulling or grabbing on the skin.
The Kleva Micro Slicer™ is the "THE PROFESSIONAL PADDLE GRATER FOR YOUR HOME!" The new and improved wide body Micro Slicer has been designed with finer, super sharp acid etched blade like teeth, a larger grating surface for more efficient grating, unique non slip bowl rim hook for safer grating and an angled soft body handle for parmesan cheese, nutmeg, garlic and zesting fruit, hard cheeses, ginger, coconut, chocolate and more.
The Kleva Chef™ Colander can be used for steaming vegetables, rinsing fruit, vegies and salad, straining pasta, beans and more. It can even be used as a cover over dishes in the microwave.
The Kleva Chef™ has a unique consettina design that condenses down to the equivalent space of a regular kitchen plate. Perfect for small kitchens and apartments, as it won’t clutter your cupboards or bench space.
Yes, you can use the broom just like a mop to clean up spills
Yes, strong durable bristles are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
To wash the duster head, simply rinse under warm water and leave to dry
Yes! The duster head bends up to 90 degrees and so can be moulded into any shape!
The Kleva Cooker holds up to 800ml or 4 cups.
The Kleva cooker has a removabe, non-stick inner pot, easy to remove and clean!
The Kleva cooker is perfect for cooking pasta, chilli con carne, soups, boiled eggs and much more!
The chef knife is the most universal of all the knives, you can use this knife for almost anything from chopping fine herbs to slicing and disjointing large cuts of beef, slicing and chopping wegetables and crushing garlic.
The Bench Buddy Block can store up to 20 knives and utensils
The block comes in black, to fit the colour scheme of any kitchen
Yes! With just 13 to 20 pulls, the Chop Pro will finely chop your herbs, safely and easily.
Yes, all but the lid is safe to put straight in your dishwasher when finished. Easy!
Yes, it comes with a special whisking blade which is perfect for eggs
Yes, the Julieene is perfect for making your veggies into healthy pasta
Yes, the Slicer has got an ergonmic grip, which is suitable for both left handed and right handed people
Yes, the Julienne comes with a 5 year guarantee, so if anything goes wrong, we can replace it straight away
The double sided Japanese blade, makes peeling much faster and easier!
Yes, it is the perfect utensil for slicing both hard and soft cheese!
Yes, the spiral slicer is a great utensil to involve children in the kitchen. We do advise adult supervision, as the blade is very sharp!
The Turbo twist can be used for a variety of different vegetables. It works especially well with Zuccini and Carrots!
The Tough Torch is powerful up to 8km, 40x brighter than a standard torch!
The 5 different modes on the tough torch are High, Medium, Low, SOS and Strobe.
Yes, the tough torch works underwater and even when frozen!