Miracle Magnetic Duster! Buy 1 GET 1 FREE, PLUS 1 BONUS Extension Pole

Miracle Magnetic Duster! Buy 1 GET 1 FREE, PLUS 1 BONUS Extension Pole

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Miracle Magnetic Duster! BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

The most amazing duster that attracts dust like a magnet! Clean the hardest to reach areas with ease!

Cleaning has never been easier

Stop struggling with cloths and wipes that make more mess than they clean. The Miracle Magnetic Duster uses a natural static charge to pick up and hold the dust around your home like a magnet.

Soft and Delicate Dusting Fingers!

The soft, voluminous dusting fingers are so delicate and won’t scratch, perfect for use on mirrors, TVs, glass and intricate vases and ornaments.

Miracle Magnetic Duster Miracle Magnetic Duster
Miracle Magnetic Duster Miracle Magnetic Duster

Easily clean everywhere

Do you try to ignore those dusty vases that you just can’t get a normal cloth into? Hate cleaning the trophies and knick knacks because you can’t fit into the small grooves? The Miracle Magnetic Duster fits into those tight spots with ease, perfect for in between cupboards, on top of the fridge, around the TV, inside vases, and so many more.

Conforms To Different Shapes and Sizes

The Miracle Magnetic Duster conforms to all shapes and fits into tight spots, so you will have a gleaming, spotless display in seconds. The soft bristles pass through the smallest of spaces, leaving no dust behind! One easy pass, and your home will be dust free!

Miracle Magnetic Duster Miracle Magnetic Duster

Two Tone Dust Detecting Colours

Not sure if your old duster is even picking up anything? The Miracle Magnetic Duster features two tone dust detecting colours, so you can see what it has picked up, and know when it needs to be cleaned. Washing your duster is so easy, just rinse it under a tap and it dries like new. Give your duster a quick shake outside, and it will release all the dust, so you are ready to go again.

FREE Extension Pole!

Say goodbye to those creepy cobwebs that are just out of reach! When you purchase your Miracle Magnetic Duster today, you receive a FREE Extension Pole! Simply twist it onto the base, and you can now reach over 2 metres high! Perfect for ceiling fans, chandeliers and the tops of bookshelves. Because the Miracle Magnetic Duster bends to a 90 degree angle, you can clean furniture edges and corners fast and easy. Don’t miss out on getting your FREE Extension Pole today!


Collects even the most microscopic dust particles! The 1000’s of magnetic fibre fingers attract every spec of dust on all surfaces!

Miracle Magnetic Duster Miracle Magnetic Duster Miracle Magnetic Duster Miracle Magnetic Duster


“I bought this duster on TV and its good, just what I need. The dust actually sticks to it! I use it on a lot of hanging pictures because I am an artist. Great on my TV cupboard, stereo and vanity cupboards. Great stuff from Kleva.” - Greg



Channel 7 Channel 9 Channel 10 Foxtel
Weight 170g
Unit size 69cm, 40cm fluffy head
Colour Grey and red fluffy head
Other info Wash with warm water and leave out to dry
Guarantee 2 year Warranty
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