Worlds Best Knife Set 6 Piece Deal Plus FREE Knife Block + FREE Sharpener

Worlds Best Knife Set 6 Piece Deal Plus FREE Knife Block + FREE Sharpener

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Kitchen Knives

ULTIMATE 6 Piece Knife Set TV DEAL

Introducing Kleva Cut Master Series™, the limited edition professional knife set from Kleva Range™. Now you can hone your culinary skills and slice and dice like a professional master chef. Engineered for excellence using the highest quality Japanese Vamolcrium stainless steel Each individual Kleva Cut knife has been exclusively MRE sharpened to not only make for a smoother cutting action the authentic Japanese Vamolcrium multi-alloy steel is so tough, you even get a 10-year "You break it, we'll replace it" guarantee 


1 x Santoku Knife (18cm) 1 x Chef Knife (20cm)
1 x Bread Knife (20cm) 1 x Slicer Knife (20cm)
1 x Utility Knife (11.5cm) 1 x Paring Knife (9cm)
1 x BONUS Knife Satchel 1 x BONUS Kleva Bench Buddy
1 x BONUS Kleva Sharp Pro
The Chef Knife is the super sharp knife from the Kleva Cut Master Series knife range The super sharp Bread Knife leaves your food crisp and full, without squishing them, thanks to the scalloped edge, serrated blade With the easy grip handle of the Paring knife, you can easily peel and cut fruit and vegetables

Kleva Cut Master Series 6 Piece Set

Stop struggling with old, blunt knives in your drawer.
Refresh your kitchen, and revitalise your cooking with the Kleva Cut Master Series 6 Piece Set that you have seen on TV - READ THE INCREDIBLE REVIEWS!!
You get it all, 6 amazing knives to suit every style of cooking, plus a BONUS knife satchel, FREE Kleva Bench Buddy knife block, and FREE Kleva Sharp Pro for a limited time!

Stop hacking your food, order a brand new Kleva Cut set Slice your food like a master chef with our brand new Master Series knife range Old knives can be dangerous, and with broken handles and blades, they look terrible too Keep your professional knives safe with this convenient knife satchel

Slice fruits and vegetables like a pro with the Master Series Vegetable Knife


Often referred to as a Japanese version of the Chef Knife and is extremely universal for almost all applications. The ‘Granton Edge’ fluted design allows the food to release from the blade and prevents sticking.Built for Global chefs

The Kleva Bread Knife gives a smooth and sharp slice


Each individual Kleva Cut knife has been exclusively MRE sharpened and Glides through delicate foods with ease without tearing or crushing them. Slice through crusty bread loaves or soft tomatoes with ease!

Cut like a Master Chef with the Master Series Chef Knife, chop everyday easily


This is the one knife in the Kitchen going global, The Chef knife is the most universal knife for nearly all applications.and is truly a master piece of quality kitchen knife craftsmanship

Slice meat like a butcher with the Kleva Cut Slicer Knife, effortlessly glide through your food


Designed to precisely cut thin slices of meat and roasts. The long narrow blade allows you to have full control over larger cuts.Made with Japanese Vamolcrium steel and crafted for cutting

Use the Universal Utility Knife for finer cutting


Second to the Kleva Cut Chef knife, designed for durability, the worlds best knife is Used for finer work when the Chef knife is too large. Engineered for excellence using the highest quality Japanese Vamolcrium stainless steel.

The Kleva Paring Knife is great for precision cutting, an essential knife in your kitchen


One of the most convenient tools in the kitchen. The essential Paring knife is perfect for all of the delicate tasks requiring extreme precision. Use it to slice strawberries or even peel an apple!


Free Block

Do you clutter your bench with recipes, cookbooks, knives and utensils? The Kleva Bench Buddy is the easy way to keep your kitchen bench clean and tidy, without taking up lots of space!


Free Block

Stop struggling with blunt, dangerous knives in the kitchen. The Kleva Sharp Pro is a quick and efficient way to bring the life back into your knife! Get the professional edge every single time.


“Great purchase, my wife is really pleased with them and loves using the knives. They are exactly as advertised, really happy with the product and the price.” - Warren Constable (Sandy Hollow, NSW)




This logo is your assurance of the highest quality sharpening techniques. MRE SHARPENED gives your blade a steeper more acute edge and it will ensure better sharpening results for years to come, ultimately giving you a sharper knife for much longer.


This is your quality assurance and guarantee of KLEVA quality. All KLEVA products are backed with a manufacturers warranty and go through stringent quality assurance tests to ensure they live up to the high standard that KLEVA is renowned for. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS; look for the genuine KLEVA quality seal.


Channel 7 Channel 9 Channel 10 Foxtel
Blade material Japanese Vamolcrium® Stainless Steel
Blade hardness: HRC 56 – 58
Blade length 20cm
Total length 33cm
Edge MRE Sharpened
Handle Hollow stainless steel
Cleaning/Care Handwash and dry thoroughly
Warranty 10 year Guarantee
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