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Octasmart® Essentials Mattress Topper

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Octasmart® Essentials Mattress Topper



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Our Octasmart® Essentials Mattress Topper is the pure embodiment of extraordinary comfort, enriched with the power of Octacell™ technology. Designed to give your old mattress a new lease of life, the Essentials Topper transforms your dreams with a layer of soothing support and is the perfect addition for everyone who loves cosy comfort.

  • A layer of Octacell™ memory foam (medium/soft) or Aerocell® foam (Firm)
  • Octacell® cool sleep layer 
  • Aerocell® foam base comfort layer
  • Hypo-allergenic cover
  • Non-slip base
  • 5cm depth

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    SizeUnit SizeMemory WeightAerocell WeightPackage Size (cm)
    SingleW92 x L188 x D5cm3.3kg3.5kg35W*35L*55H
    King SingleW107 x L203 x D5cm3.6kg4.6kg35W*35L*65H
    DoubleW138 x L188 x D5cm4kg5.3kg35W*35L*85H
    QueenW153 x L203 x D5cm4.2kg6.3kg35W*35L*85H
    KingW183 x L203 x D5cm4.8kg7.5kg35W*35L*105H

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Octasmart® Essentials Mattress Topper

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Say goodbye to aches and pains

Goodbye discomfort, hello to proper spine alignment and quality sleep!

    What goes into the Octasmart® Essentials Topper?


    Signature Micro-Air Pocket Cover

    The cover contains hundreds of micro-air pockets designed to promote free-flowing air.


    Memory or Aerocell® Layer

    Choose Memory for a luxurious layer of memory foam or select Aerocell® for firm support.


    Aerocell® Foam Layer

    The Aerocell® foam base provides additional support and an added layer of comfort.


    Air Mesh Panels

    Integrated air mesh panels designed to channel and expel unwanted warm air for a cooler sleep.

    What's the Difference?

    Memory or Aerocell®

    What's the Difference?

    The Essentials Memory Topper supports your body with a softer and more luxurious feel, while the Essentials Aerocell® Topper provides a firm feel for those who prefer extra support.

    10,000 open air cells

    Cooler Sleep

    10,000 open air cells

    The Octacell™ formula contains 10,000 open air cells that enhance air circulation and regulate your body temperature to keep you cool all night long, enabling you to sleep faster, deeper and longer.

    No more rolling together

    More Restful Sleep

    No more rolling together

    By evenly distributing your body weight across hundreds of individual open-air memory cells, the Essentials Topper provides structured support specifically for your body. Ideal for couples, it promises you a peaceful night of sleep without any disturbances from your partner.