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Sumo Slicer
No B.S. this is the best nights sleep you will ever get!
"The sleep maker 'Wave topper' is unbelievable! It made our bed in our apartment so much better than our $4000 dollar mattress at home. It unbelievably supports all the areas of your body that you feel when you lay on it. NO B.S.. The sleep maker Bamboo pillows are equally fabulous! Although dubious before we used them due to the firmness, but no need for worry they performed in a most comforting way that we both commented in the morning. For some thing to make us both so impressed and happy and feeling better is mind blowing. Gotta tell ya. We are thinking of putting one on our mattress at home. Do your self a favour. Cheers. "
Jodi C.
Salt and peppering is a breeze
"Fabulous grinders a very stylish addition to the dining table"
Judi H.
"The whisk is awesome so good for getting lumps out of the gravey "
Linda S.
Santoku Knives
"LOVE them!!! Brilliant knives. Could not be happier with purchase and the knife sharpener actually works. "
Martin B.
Excellent product
"Easy to use is an excellent product that makes dusting a breeze "
Michelle N.
Best knives ive ever owned
"Very sharp, easy to hold, makes chopping the vegies alot quicker and easier"
Jo M.
Spine injury / chronic pain perspective
"Coming from someone who's had spine injury and dealt with chronic pain for over 10 years I've tried so many different sleep solutions to improve the quality of my sleep to allow my body the rest and recovery it needs to improve my life. The wave topper is the best solution by far I've ever experienced. It relieves the pressure through its tailored design. Don't waste money on other options, this is the best. "
Danielle R.
I'm so happy that i
"I'm so happy that i bought this set's of knife..... Makes my preparation in cooking more easy and convenient, love it to the max😊"
Cristina R.
Great sweeper
"Worked beautifully on the tiles throughout my house, and gave two away to family"
Mrs S.
Not bad at the moment
Great product
"Very happy with item be telling more people of it "
Sean F.
Easy to use and set up!
"Exactly what I was looking for, small light and easy to use! The suction installation is great and so easy to set up, I'm 90kg and it is extremely sturdy to use. Great prodcut!"
J Hobbs
Very sturdy and great price!
"It is half the price of ones sold at local stores and is STURDIER! The adjustable height is a huge bonus as me and my partner are able to use! Would definitely recommend."
James Marco
I love my Ironfast
"My sister got one first and rang me after her first time using it, she said I love it you've got to get one. So I did now I love it too Ironing is so much quicker and easier now"
Christine Allen
Iron fast Uv Iron
"WOW ,loved it. brought for dance cloths and no need to change settings for different fabrics. love it "
Diane D.
Excited with your product fantastic product
"Used each product with great results would certainly recommend. Thank you "
peter n.
New Iron
"I wont say it cuts the ironing time in half, but its a nice iron the stand part catches on clothes a little"
Amanda P.
One very happy customer
"The knifes are absolutely brilliant, they fit the hand like a glove, extremely lightweight and sharp as ever I love the bamboo magnetic board as it’s at hands reach always and keeps the knifes sharp as for the little knife sharpener what a great tool love how it’s sucks to any hard surface making it really easy to use I highly recommend this set to anyone Kind regards Trevor Sattler 👍😁🍻"
Trevor S.
Certainly is swift!
"The swift sweeper is great for picking up crumbs on my wooden floor and it’s always ready to run, unlike vacuums etc that need charging. "
Helen S.
"Absolutely love them. The best knives I’ve ever owned and they weren’t even the dearest. Definitely worth the money"
Amanda B.
Wife loves it
Best Yet
"Great product,far simpler to clean than having to strip an electric device,just disassemble by turning one screw and rinse parts. cant beat it."
Steven P.
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