Customer Reviews


fits in my handbag!
"I always carry this in my handbag as it's ideal for when I run to the shops and I don't want to lug around heavy bags. The kids love wheeling it around the supermarkets!"
Sarah L
don't waste plastic bags
"I am so glad I bought my Boot Scooter Trolley bag, I take it to the market every saturday as I hate wasting plastic bags! So handy for a whizz around the supermarkets too. I recommend this to all my market goers!"
kevin fisher
Four stars
Gardening Gloves
"I have just pruned my roses & for the first time my hands & gloves survived the exercise. I had NO thorns in my hands & no scratches. The gloves have no holes in them. I really needed these gloves a decade ago when we purchased our property & with it came 100 roses. The gloves particularly came in handy with the climbing roses."
Susan Luke
Bestest Can Opener
"I used this for the first timer tonight and it is so easy to use. Surprised at how easy it is to use"
Cely O
Swifty sweep
"Works very well. My elderly parents were very happy with their "free" one as well."
georgina s.
Shirley Daeling
"The knives are ABSOLUTLEY FANTASTIC, but watch your fingers ! ! ! They truly are EVERYTHING I WANTED .......Many thanks ;-) Shirley"
Shirley D.
Kleva Swifty Sweep
Miracle magnetic Duster
"Love my duster, picks up dust from mantel piece, from having a wood fire heater, and all area"
Gloria H.
Worlds Best Knife Set 6 Piece Deal Plus FREE KNIFE BLOCK! FREE Sharpener
"I absolutely love them. It is the best investment yet. I am left handed, and often find knives very uncomfortable to use. These knives are awesome, they have a perfect weight, the handle is part of the blade. together with the sharpener that is so easy to use and makes the knives extra sharp, cutting raw meat is now like slicing butter."
Christine M.
Kleva sweeper
"Found it easy to operate. Happy."
Graham B.
Klevarange Range
Just what I thought
Swifty Sweep - FABULOUS
"Best thing I have bought for a long, long time. Does everything that is claimed, and is now my "go to" when my dogs bring strange things into the house."
jacqueline s.
"it took a little getting used to with only going one way. I am used to it now and it's great."
Doris C.
Kleva Swifty Sweep
"I am enjoying the swifty sweep very much,it does all promised.I have been telling family and friends about it."
margaret g.
What a clever Kleva product
"I recently purchased the Swifty Sweeper, I am very happy with the product. It picks up and collects the debris on the floor and then it is so easy to just empty it into the bin. One for my studio and one for the house. What a bargain! Thank you Kleva range for this clever product. "
Kerry B.
It is great on outside
"It is great on outside cement as well as inside tiles. Even got my grandkids using it. "
Perry C.
Broom it.
"Easy to use. Works well. Value for money product. Would have preferred green colour though."
annette w.
Kleva swifty sweep
"Great and so easy to use. Highly recommended. "
Christine P.
A quick fix
"Does a good job in between vacuuming."
Karen M.
The ultimate Knife Sharpener
"Excellent: Great knife and the sharpener is to beat all sharpeners, Brilliant."
peter c.
Knife set 6
"Wonderful, that's why I bought my daughter a set!"
Stella H.
Garden shears
"The. Ads are spot on! They work like they say they do, muscelling through big branches so you don't have to lug around shears and a saw! Gave a pair to my mum and she loves them too!"
Deb S.
Excellent Product
"Love the Swifty Sweeper. Takes half the time to clean as it saves sweeping into one area then getting the dustpan and broom."
Margaret S.
Classic Safety Razor.
"5 star any day......shaves well (as good as Any of those useless clogging up 'multiblade' are able.....But with the added bonus of being far less tiresome to clean......very pleased with this product .....just like the one I watched my father use for years & years......just another example of manufacturers 'fixing' something which was Never broken.....:) :) :)."
Stuart S.
Works fine
"Dusted well. No problems with it. "
Jen C.
Magnetic Duster
"The duster is great it does what it is meant to do you can bend to fit in any situation I am glad that I have brought it"
Jillian W.
Swiftly sweep
"This is very handy for me as I have a problem with my hand. Even my husband uses it."
Carolyn B.
Magnetic Duster
"Love It And So Does My Sister gave her the second one. Thank You"
Margaret R.