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Sumo slicer
"I actually bought them as gifts, for my grand daughters, so am hoping they are enjoying using them, they looked great to me."
Frances D.
Hi Frances, I'm sure they will love them and it's great to encourage them to get cooking in the kitchen :) thanks, Sophie - Kleva Range - It's Kleva, It's Simple, It Works
Kleva sumo slicer
"I love it , it is easy to use and quick and easy to assemble and unassemble and doesn't take up much room and I would recommend it to anyone"
Rosalyn C.
sip n stick
"just love it on those long trips"
Denise R.
Ironing Pow Wow!!!
"Very good, I’m an ironing fanatic , and like a iron. with lots of steam power, this iron delivers however I find I have. to use the continuous steam power, and this setting emitted a strange sound. Having said that I am happy with the iron, and highly recommend it. Thanks V Kleinveldt. "
Valda e.
Hi Valda, so glad you're loving the iron! Would you be able to sent a short video to myself regarding the sound and I can determine if the iron is indeed meant to be operating like this? My email is Thank you, Sophie - Kleva Range - It's Kleva, It's Simple, It Works
Kleva cut knifes
"Got to say wow what a knife I use mine for work as I'm a chef for every day use it's a A++++++ for me best money spent "
darren w.
Sumo Slicer
"It is great to do shredded cheese. That's the only thing I've used it for so far and it works a charm"
Hi Cheryl, no more achey arms or nearly grated fingers with the Sumo Slicer :) thanks, Sophie - Kleva Range - It's Kleva, It's Simple, It Works
KLeva Sumo Slicer
"I love it, so easy to put together, use, then clean. Quick, just so darned good. Have tried other similar, but this is the best by far!!"
Dot A.
Hi Dot, it makes preparing food such a breeze doesn't it! I'm glad you're really enjoying it :) thank you, Sophie - Kleva Range - It's Kleva, It's Simple, It Works
Knife set
"I am very happy with my purchase, knives are extremely good to hold and use."
Janice K.
Gel memory foam pillow
"Awesome product, bought three for daughter daughter in law and me all very happy especially in this very humid summer"
Pamela T.
Great everyday knife
"Love this knife, already have one and bought this as a gift. Works well, comfortable to use, keeps sharp with my Kleva knife sharpener. This is my go to knife for nearly everything"
Jean H.
Kiev’s Su,o Slicer
"I love it. Have tried numerous sizes and styles of graters over the years and this is the best and quickest slicer that I have ever used."
Jane M.
Fantastic Knives
"This is my second set……bought the second lot for son and daughter-in-law as we were all so impressed with the quality. They look amazing sitting on the magnetic bamboo block on our kitchen benches. The sharpener has come in handy for other knives too. "
Jennifer T.
Hi Jennifer, how fabulous that all the family are using and loving the Kleva knives! Thank you, Sophie - Kleva Range - It's Kleva, It's Simple, It Works
Love it!!
"So easy to set up & use. And fast!! Grating & slicing has never been so fast easy and FUN lol So glad I gave 1 to my elderly mother. She’s loves hers too. Thank you for inventing such a great product. "
Donna W.
Hi Donna, it is a lot of fun isn't it! I love mine too :) thanks for the great feedback, Sophie - Kleva Range - It's Kleva, It's Simple, It Works
"My husband son and son in-law just love the airhawk"
Patricia M.
kleva sumo slicer
"Absolutely love it so easy to use. Makes grating carrots so easy and coleslaw is a breeze."
robyn a.
Easy to use
"Great ... easy to use, clean, and quick setup. Great product."
Marian R.
Miracle Magnetic Duster
"Telescopic handle is perfect for reaching the high spots, does a great job "
Anna S.
Love the Sumo Slicer! My mum and sister were very impressed too.
"I showed my mother and sister the sumo slicer & my sister thought I was silly to buy it, believing that products never work as shown on TV, but after giving her some vegetables to try slicing and shredding with it, she loved it so much I gave her my second one! I already had the garnishing duo sets from my knives purchase a while back, so my sister and mother now have the 2 sets I got with the Sumo Slicer. The peeler is the easiest to use ever! I must admit I've not used the julienne slicer yet ... I prefer a thicker julienne than that will create. Can't wait to see what marvel KlevaRange will come out with next!"
Lauretta R.
Hi Lauretta, what a great review and I'm so happy we have managed to convert your sister too :)! Watch this space for more awesome products. Thanks again, Sophie - Kleva Range - It's Kleva, It's Simple, It Works
Very lightweight
"Very happy with the Kleva Iron. I really like using it as a steamer."
Helen S.
Fantastic product
Fantastic product
Kleva Cut Knife Sets
"I am extremely pleased with everything, I was a bit wary of the knives at first as they are so sharp, but I'm now used to using them and feel at ease with them. The steak knives I purchased are fabulous. I have been so pleased with everything, that I purchased another two knife sets, magnetic bamboo blocks, and sharpeners for my daughter and son for Christmas. Regards Anne Barter "
Anne B.
Hi Anne, I'm very happy to hear you're loving the knives. They are indeed very sharp which makes them so great, but understandably a little wary too! I'm glad you're now used to them and that your children are loving them too :) Thanks, Sophie - Kleva Range - It's Kleva, It's Simple, It Works
Knife Set - AWESOME
"We love out new Kleva Cut Master Series 4pc Steak Knife Set. We use them just about every night, even the kids comment on how good they are. We love them, best purchase. "
Kellie H.
Hi Kellie, thank you for the lovely review! I'm glad both you and your kids are enjoying them. Thanks, Sophie - Kleva Range - It's Kleva, It's Simple, It Works
Recent purchase
"This experience was incredible - it was actually bought for my mother with my whole family chipping in and the whole process was easy, fast and efficient. On top of that, my mother (who has bursitis in both hips) says she sleeps easier now and loves it!!! I would recommend this to anyone 😁"
Erin C.
Hi Erin, thanks for the absolutely delightful review. I'm really happy to hear of the outcome that your mother is having a more comfortable sleep - it really makes all the difference! Thank you, Sophie - Kleva Range - It's Kleva, It's Simple, It Works
Kalevala sumo slicer
"This product is great so quick to grate Vegas I just love it I make a lot of veg slices and now it’s less hassles grating by hand this machine does it all glad I bought it happy customer thankyou"
Clare M.
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